Коди Симпсон не отходит от Майли Сайрус, поддерживая ее после операции на голосовых связках

Коди Симпсон не отходит от Майли Сайрус, поддерживая ее после операции на голосовых связках

Known 26-year-old singer Miley Cyrus is already a month recovering from tonsillitis. Her new boyfriend, 22-year-old singer Cody Simpson will not depart from it a single step, he supported Miley during this difficult period of life.

A few days ago, Cyrus was again hospitalized, this time for major surgery on his vocal cords. The surgery was quick and singer on the same day sent home to rest. Now on the advice of doctors, a celebrity is undergoing rehabilitation, an important role in this situation plays silence. Any load on the vocal cords can cause a longer course of healing after surgery. Miley easily cope with this task, because next to her is her favorite people, Cody, who in the truest sense of the word, does not depart from her.

According to the insider the singer very easily had surgery and is now on vacation at home. This manipulation was planned, so Cyrus has long been mentally prepared to take this step. Kodi fully supports her in everything, the singer next to him feels happy. The main task of the Simpson at the moment: do not give to miss his beloved, so he entertains her as best he can.

Miley as an active blogger who always does stories on Instagram, from which we can understand that the couple is very active in his time, they are always walking somewhere, go to cafes and meet up with mutual friends. By the way, the vocal chords of the singer cherishes, but exercise itself does not limit. The muscles in the period of disease should still be in good shape. At the moment, the star is engaged at home in a personal gym, this is evidenced by the photo on the personal page of the singer. The girl signed shot so: “the Voice of pleasure, and the body is not.”

Recall that in early October of 2019, Miley was in the hospital with a diagnosis of tonsillitis. Next to her in a personal chamber was constantly relatives, particularly her mother. Of course, Cody Simpson were also there with the singer, at that time they were just a couple of weeks. The guy actively supported a sweetheart in the period of the illness, gave her flowers, arranged surprises and are not allowed to miss.

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