Коди Ферн о роли в «Американской истории ужасов»: «После съемок мне еще долго снились кошмары»

Australian actor Cody fern now appears everywhere: at the moment, it can be seen in the last episodes of the eighth season of the popular series “American horror story” and the final season of “house of cards”. 30-year-old actor is increasingly appearing in the network and gets a well-deserved reputation, because Vulture decided to interview him and learn a little about the role of the Antichrist in AIU.

Коди Ферн о роли в «Американской истории ужасов»: «После съемок мне еще долго снились кошмары»

The role of the devil’s son couldn’t be easy for any actor, but Cody was able to perfectly convey the feelings and Outlook of character from different sides: the human and the demonic. Despite such a daunting role, the actor himself even Halloween never celebrated, because in Australia it is simply ignored. However, this year’s celebration, the actor has decided to gather friends, wear the mask of Scorpion from the game series “mortal Kombat” and went to the parade.

To scare Cody is very difficult. To participate in the filming of the series, the actor was an ardent admirer of the AIU and other works by Ryan Murphy. Before the shooting in the AIU fern played one of the first victims of Andrew Cunanan in another project Ryan, “the American history of crime: the killing of Gianni Versace”. Cody just burst into tears when he learned that will be working with Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates. “How many people get the opportunity to play the devil? It’s an iconic role,” says Cody interviewers Vulture. “However, I was afraid the pressure of the people who were waiting for him since the first season. I didn’t even know what I’m going to play until two days earlier, came on the set. All the details were hidden, so I didn’t know that it will be Michael Langdon. I threw all of these “antichrists” thing out of my head and looked at Michael with a human side. You can play it a way of life, to play the Antichrist, but in General the Antichrist is a symbol. How can I play? Is whether, to, play Cup!”

Коди Ферн о роли в «Американской истории ужасов»: «После съемок мне еще долго снились кошмары»
Playing the role of devil’s son Cody was not prepared for the shocking scene, after which he had nightmares. For example, the most terrible for it was the scene of eating the hearts of women. “It was disgusting! After filming the scene, I had nightmares. Eating of the heart was not bad, but watching a girl was difficult. Before you is a young girl who screams to save her life. It’s very difficult.”

Idols Cody has always been women what he mentions in the interview. Actor remembered as a child admired the performance of Kathy Bates in the movie by Stephen king “misery”, and is now enjoying a unique game Sarah Paulson. Fern was able to play with Jessica Lange, which often appears on the screens in the “American horror story” as well as Frances Conroy. Each of the Actresses impressed with Cody on the.

Tomorrow will be the last episode of the 8th season of “American horror story”. Season 6 of “house of cards”, where Cody plays Duncan shepherd, the son of Annette and ambitious businessman, is already available on Netflix.

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