Roman Kostomarova's coach said that his fingers could be amputated Doctors are fighting for the athlete's life.

Roman Kostomarov's coach said that his fingers could be amputatedA month ago, Roman Kostomarov was urgently hospitalized with a diagnosis of pneumonia. The athlete immediately went to intensive care, where he was connected to a ventilator and ECMO. But his condition only worsened and soon the skater began to have sepsis and intoxication of the body. Tatyana Navka hurried to help her colleague and found the best doctors for him. Despite their efforts, Kostomarov had to amputate both feet.

Roman Kostomarov's coach said that his fingers could be amputated< p>Details about the state of the skater shared his coach. According to Lydia Karavaeva, he was conscious and agreed to the operation himself. After all, the choice at that time already stood between his life and death. However, it is too early to relax, the situation is still very difficult. Tissue necrosis continues and most likely the doctors will have to remove the fingers on Roman's hand. Yes, in general, his condition is unstable.

“Well, everything is not good there already. The temperature keeps on, he gets better, then worse. Now amputation of the fingers of the hand threatens. Nothing is over yet. Now the main thing is that Roma survives. He must continue “He has a wonderful wife, a wonderful mother, a very good family. There is enough support, the main thing is to have enough health … Why it happened, to be honest, no one knows. Why did he end up in Kommunarka at all,” Karavaeva said.
She said that Russian doctors are consulting with colleagues from Germany. However, if they had a specific proposal, then Kostomarov would have already been transported abroad. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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