Тренер «Локомотива» рассказал об увольнении Дмитрия Тарасова Dmitry Tarasov has still not signed a new contract with Lokomotiv, which ended June 30. According to rumors, the management decided to cut his salary that did not suit the player. Coach Yuri Simon admitted that it is still unknown will continue to play Tarasov, or go into a regional club.
Тренер «Локомотива» рассказал об увольнении Дмитрия Тарасова

At first glance it seems that after his divorce from Olga Buzova sportsman completely happy, because in a matter of days his wife Anastasia Kostenko will give him the long-awaited daughter.

That’s just the sports career of Dmitry Tarasova is under threat – the club is still not renewed a contract with him, the validity of which expired June 30. And if before it was reported that 31-year-old, despite the absence of a contract, continues to train with the “Locomotive”, today it became known midfielder has waived fees.

Dmitry Tarasov was left without a job before the birth Kostenko

According to coach Yuri Semin, Tarasov can really change the team.

“There are negotiations. He did not go to camp. Not only he, but Vitaly Denisov and pejčinović. They are negotiating. As things go further, I can’t answer. This question is better to ask the President of the club,” said Semin.
Тренер «Локомотива» рассказал об увольнении Дмитрия Тарасова

Earlier it was reported that the club does not fairly really those sporting achievements, which demonstrates Tarasov. Therefore, the player allegedly offered a new contract, but lower wages in half. This situation, apparently, Dmitry is not satisfied.

The player himself does not comment the situation. Instead, he rejoices in the company of best friends — brothers Miranchuk, which, unlike Tarasova, was summoned to the Russian national team. Earlier Dmitry has told fans that worried about colleagues and wish them only victory in the world Cup.

The coach of Lokomotiv, meanwhile, noted that the situation with Tarasov should be resolved in the coming days.

“Soon, I hope, all will become clear. To wait anymore. Otherwise not enough time for preparation”, – said Yuri Semin.

The first match “Locomotive” will take place 27 July – the team will meet with CSKA in the fight for the Supercup of Russia. By this time all the players have to get back to the club and undergo a series of medical examinations and training.

Fans are already making bets on whether they will continue on Dmitri Tarasov’s career in the Moscow club, or go to another region in pursuit of a big salary. According to fans, the athlete should not decide on changes, because Lokomotiv is one of the most successful football teams in the country, and therefore there ex-husband of Olga Buzova will be able to achieve maximum career results.

Communicating with the portal Sports.ru Yuri Semin said that he dreams about the imminent resolution of this problem, because it needs to maintain the status of Lokomotiv, as the champion of the country, and for that we need strong, motivated for success players.

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