Тренер Алины Кабаевой раскрыла секрет ее успеха Irina Viner-Usmanov told about the early career of the Olympic champion. The recognition of sports legends, Alina Kabaeva was born to be a star. The memories of Irina, without difficulties no cost, but her client skillfully deal with them.
Тренер Алины Кабаевой раскрыла секрет ее успеха

12 may Alina Kabaeva celebrates his birthday. The athlete was 34 years old. From early morning Olympic champion congratulations to colleagues and relatives.

In early may, Moscow hosted the children’s festival of rhythmic gymnastics “Alina” was held by celebrity and its charity Fund. A large-scale event was attended by legendary coach Irina Viner-Usmanova. The woman shared with reporters his memories of the early career of Alina Kabaeva.

According to Irina Alexandrovna, she was impressed by the future Olympic champion. “Initially I really doubted its prospects. But when she started to move, I realized that it will be a star,” – said Viner-Usmanova. Even the most complex exercises Alina did with the same Hollywood smile on the face and like others charged with incredible energy.

Reporters asked Viner-Usmanova, has she never had any conflicts with the trust. As in any working process, in the preparation of athletes sometimes had difficulties. But she successfully coped with problems.

“Periods was very hard. Especially when Alina was a teenager, the formation of character. But together we all survived, and passed through a very severe test which the Lord gives only very strong people. And the main merit in our success of the Aline. Her talent, her sun-like smile and, most importantly, the same solar charge inside allowed her to achieve what she has achieved,” shared the coach.

During the conversation with journalists Irina also admitted that in training anything can happen. “Alina, sometimes crying, sometimes just sitting scowling,” – says the woman. Nevertheless, the young athlete found the strength to go on. According to the coach, Alina Kabaeva always helped her love for rhythmic gymnastics, as well as understanding that “born and bound to become a star” quoted the woman to “Sport-Express”.

We will remind that the festival “Alina” was attended by more than 500 children from all over Russia. This year the organizers of sports events were inspired by folk themes. During the conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit” Alina Maratovna has shared that the preparation for marketing activities lasted for five months. Talented gymnasts were selected in different cities. “All girls are unique and different, but the talent of each, like the stars, different size and brightness,” said the Olympic champion. Alina Kabaeva: “Let the children rejoice that they do together”