Одежда Харрисона Форда выставлена на аукцион

One of the brightest representatives of the “old Hollywood” Harrison Ford joined the charity movement, which arranges medical center NYU Langone Medical Center’s FACES (the search center treat epilepsy heart attack and stroke).

The star of “Indiana Jones” and “Star wars” was auctioned thing that belonged to his character Han Solo.

The actor decided to bow out with a leather jacket, which he starred in “Star wars: the force Awakening”.

“I was amazed by the work of NYU and FACES in research on the treatment of epilepsy. I hope this jacket will help to do something to continue this research”, — reads the statement of the actor.

“This disease is close to me and I hope you will succeed”, — said Ford, referring to his daughter Georgia, who suffers from epilepsy.

“When you see your loved one suffering from this disease, it destroys you from the inside. You know how it affects their lives and desperately try to change something. You are trying to find a way to make their lives more comfortable and efficient”, — said Ford.

Made specifically for the film jacket along with the actor’s signature already on sale. At the moment it is ready to buy for 30 thousand dollars. Bidding will continue until 11 April. what do you think how much can get for this thing?


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