Близкие Жанны Фриске конфликтуют из-за машины певицы As journalists, Dmitry Shepelev wrote a statement to law enforcement authorities, wanting to prevent the sale of the car deceased singer. To part with foreign car production year: 2013 wants Jeanne’s father Vladimir Borisovich.
Близкие Жанны Фриске конфликтуют из-за машины певицы

Appeared in the media information that Dmitry Shepelev went to the police after he had reviewed the ad on a specialized website. TV presenter outraged by the fact that “unknown scammers” sell the car Zhanna Friske. As stated Shepelev, the car artist is also partly owned by her minor son to Plato, whose interests he represents.

As it became known to journalists, foreign car Jeanne is going to realize her father Vladimir Borisovich. The man intends to sell the Range Rover 2013 release to buy a new car.

In 2014 the car Zhanna Friske has flashed in news reports. Then the stars stole the car. The incident occurred in Latvia. Journalists wrote that the owner of the car is Jeanne and her attorney entered Dmitry Shepelev. The Range Rover was parked on the street Lielirbes St. After the car disappeared, the civil husband of the actress was forced to call the police. Anchorman wrote about the incident on Facebook.

Близкие Жанны Фриске конфликтуют из-за машины певицы“Last Saturday in Riga was stolen from us. Departed half an hour to buy baby pants, went back and realized pricey cost pants. There are new clothes, no car. Then the old Department of the local police officers in a greasy and wrinkled, baggy form, meaningless questions and, of course, no hope for a successful search,” complained the husband of the singer.

However, seven days later the car Jeanne was able to return. With the actress contacted the police in Riga, to announce the good news. “Does that even happen? Even the straw hat that on the back seat lay, and the whole” – wondered Dmitry Shepelev in social networks.

Several years after the incident, the father Zhanna decided to place an ad to sell cars on the Internet. Vladimir Friske said that the car belongs to him. According to the man, he gave his daughter a car after the birth of Plato. “But he’s still a 2013 release, I will change it soon”, – quotes the father of the singer Mash.

Recall that the parents of Jeanne Friske has been a long time, can not establish a relationship with her civil husband Dmitry Shepelev. According to mother, the singer Olga Vladimirovna, little Plato said that grandma died. Woman outraged by such information. According to relatives of Jeanne, the host deliberately prevents their contact with the child, coming up with any excuses to avoid meetings with the boy. The son of Zhanna Friske is recovering after surgery