Близкие Веры Глаголевой рассказали о ее борьбе с тяжелой болезнью Ex-husband daughter of the star of Anne of Nahapetova shared memories about the actress and the Director. Egor Simachev admitted that he believed Faith Glagoleva a second mother. The artist also said that he suffered from a serious illness, so understand the mother-in-law like no other.
Близкие Веры Глаголевой рассказали о ее борьбе с тяжелой болезнью

Last weekend in Moscow said farewell to people’s artist of Russia Vera Glagoleva. The star died on 62-m to year of life. Actress and Director was suffering from cancer, but tried not to advertise this information and denied the rumors about the difficult diagnosis. Recently Egor Simachev, the former husband of the eldest daughter of the actress Anna Nahapetova broke the silence and spoke about how the mother of his ex-lover was struggling with a serious illness.

Rodion Nahapetov came to the funeral of Vera Glagoleva

In recognition of the ballet dancer, the doctors also diagnosed him with a severe disease. However Simacheva managed to recover. Vera Glagoleva was for men one of the most loved ones. In an open letter to Egor called the star a second mother.

“You always took my side in family disputes, that I was genuinely surprised and deep down happy. We understood each other sometimes without words. I always knew that you are interested in, and our opinions often coincided. There were quarrels, as without them, and don’t let anyone God to quarrel with Vera Vitalevna, but it was a family, a peaceful quarrel. We always reconciled in the end,” recalled the artist.
Близкие Веры Глаголевой рассказали о ее борьбе с тяжелой болезнью

Egor Simachev with trepidation recalls family gatherings in the house at Nikolina Gora, where Vera Glagoleva has sought to maintain and preserve comfort. “I am sitting at my Desk, writing this, and it’s like she’s sitting across from you. (…) We share their experiences, brag, make plans for the future, complain about life, we clink and drink, and pour again,” said a close actress.

According to the ex-lover of Anne of Nahapetova, they Vera Glagoleva knew each other. “Because we were both sick,” said Simachev. Speaking about the famous actress, the actor also admired her personality and ability to stand there and take the blows of fate. Glagoleva no one complained about his illness and, according to Yegor, suspected that may be too early to leave this life.

Daughter Vera Glagoleva shared his pain after the death of his mother

Близкие Веры Глаголевой рассказали о ее борьбе с тяжелой болезнью“I was lucky, I recovered. Thanks to God, Faith, Cyril, the support of my family. She’s not. It was her decision, she knew from the beginning what is and how it will end. Of course, she and we are all hoping for the best. We celebrated every successful service completion, and my and her. We believe that all will be well. It is incredibly, textbook brave man, a great personality, fragile and gentle woman. She could be tender and barbed like a porcupine. It could be good and evil at the same time”, he said.
Близкие Веры Глаголевой рассказали о ее борьбе с тяжелой болезнью

Egor Simachev told that every time embraced the Faith Glagoleva at the meeting and talked with her. According to the memoirs of the artist, the woman carefully watching him.

“We asked each other: “How are you?”, “When you checked out?”, “What plans?”. She was always delightful, feminine, stylish new dresses and suits. I’ve always admired. She was always charming. She never showed their weaknesses, and whether they were from her?” – told Simachev.

In the final letter, the man turned to close Vera Glagoleva – her daughters and husband Cyril Shubsky. Egor Simachev believes that the actress submitted a great example to all its surroundings.

“Cyril Yulievich! Have you done everything in your power, and even more. From the very beginning, Faith has decided in his heart. To leave so. Like a real, great artist. She fought, fought until his last breath, she never gave up. We all follow her example,” said the ex-husband of Anne of Nahapetova.

Egor Simachev also noted that Vera Glagoleva grieved the loss of loved ones, but tried not to show his suffering. “Caring moms, dads, and mother and then a dear beloved brother Bori crippled its existence, but no one could see. Her life was a testimony to the fact that if you’re an actor, if you chose the difficult public and the profession, then play, play until you breathe while the audience is watching you”, he said.