Close to the stars “Masks-show” Sergey Oleh shocked by his death

Близкие звезды «Маски-шоу» Сергея Олеха шокированы его смертью The famous actor died after a long illness. Last year Sergiy olekh courageously fought with cancer. Despite a disappointing diagnosis, the showman tried to stay and demonstrate to others a positive attitude.

      Близкие звезды «Маски-шоу» Сергея Олеха шокированы его смертью

      Became aware of the fact that he died 51-year-old artist Sergey olech, known for its participation in the “Masks-show”. Journalists reported that the star was in the intensive care unit in Odessa. Close were going to transport him for treatment in Kiev, but these plans were not destined to materialize.

      It is also reported that olech had struggled with cancer. Last year the entertainer was in critical condition, but still tried to overcome a serious illness.

      “He left… half an hour ago. My friend, the national heritage of Ukraine… Sorry, I can’t, I’ll tell you later… Sleep well, brother, I love you,” – said on the eve of a friend of the artist Irina Medushevskaya.
      Близкие звезды «Маски-шоу» Сергея Олеха шокированы его смертью

      According to a friend of showman Roman Protsyk, he did not complain of health problems and maintain a positive attitude. “He smiled and still held. He was hurt, but he was involved in the shooting, he was in pain, but he was laughing and amused others. Sleep well, friend. You will be sorely missed. Eternal memory!” those are the words a friend of the actor said goodbye to him.

      The condolences of the Roman Protsyk joined other friends Sergiy Olekh. They share memories about the star. “In every word and look and gesture – a joke, kindness and generosity of spirit. Our Sergiy olekh,” – said General Director of the First city TV channel Dmitry Ptashko. In turn, Director Sergei Pudic wants the actor to rest in peace. “Gone from the life of the great Odessa, a gorgeous man, a comedian, a loving husband and father… We will not forget you,” he added.

      About the performer also called the journalist Oleg Kudrin. He invited friends to honor his memory. “He was with the 69th school. Was bright, bristling with energy man. As far as I remember, the meetings of the Committee of the Komsomol adequately to the situation turned into “rzhach” clowning”, – said Kudrin.

      A fan of star Margarita Korobitsyna shared a touching moment of his life. She extends heartfelt condolences to the family of Sergiy Olekh and advises his friends to hold on to.

      “Now I remember how he proposed to his sweetheart on the show “must Go”. God, how touching it was! The whole room is long and prolonged applause to this amazing pair. Only a true romantic, bright soul of man could declare his love. He said then: “Dreams come true” – told the woman on Facebook.

      Sergey olech was born may 16, 1965 in Odessa. He played in many feature films and shone on the stage. In addition, viewers remember him through participation in the project “Maski show”, “Naked and funny” and “Gentleman show”.