Close to the Royal court revealed the secret of the Duchess of Cambridge

Приближенные к королевскому двору раскрыли секрет герцогини Кембриджской
The wife of Prince William has a special diet.

The Duchess Of Cambridge


In a recent interview, popular cooking online edition Caroline Robb, chef
Kensington Palace has told how the Duchess of Cambridge manages to keep
his superstrain figure is the envy
many women. As it turned out, Katherine indulged in your favorite dishes.
However, it “saves calories” at the expense of Breakfast, and noticed that added though
a bit, just sit on a rigid diet.

Caroline, who appeared in the state of Kensington
Palace when William and Harry were children, said that every morning, 35-year-old wife of the heir to the throne instead
oatmeal or coffee croissant Breakfast “green smoothie”. Part of this is not
too appetizing looking, but useful “cocktail” is quite
a lot of ingredients: minced vegetables and herbs — spinach, coriander, cauliflower
cabbage and lettuce and blueberry juice, which she adds to taste. But
the main component in this potion of the microalga spirulina, which is credited with
just miraculous properties.

The rest of the time of day allows the Duchess is
what he wants. Among her favorite foods is curry, which trained her as her mother,
when Kathryn was little. But Kate is watching, not to predate.
Besides, she usually tries to “leave room” for dessert. It is a favorite among
sweet is pudding Toffeе .

But if Kate notices that recovered at least a little bit,
she immediately goes to “raw”. Salads of fresh vegetables, berries instead of sweets,
watermelon and almond milk instead of cow – here are some of her favorite dishes
in the mode of “unloading”. If already Catherine is taken to lose weight, it does not
yourself no favors. No wonder even though Kate gave birth to two children —
Prince George and Princess Charlotte, her waist remains wasp.