Близкие Софии Ротару заговорили о главной трагедии её жизни Now, almost 14 years of people’s artist lives without a beloved spouse Anatoly Evdokimenko. A man died after a stroke. His death was an ordeal for the whole family, especially for his wife Sofia Rotaru. Only creativity has helped her survive a great loss.

      Близкие Софии Ротару заговорили о главной трагедии её жизни

      August 7, people’s artist Sofia Rotaru celebrated her 69th birthday. The morning the favorite of millions and congratulate her family and friends, devoting celebrity social media posts. “Our beloved Sofia Mikhailovna, heartily congratulate you happy birthday! Your unique voice concerns millions of people around the world. Proud of you and admire you, our dear Queen!”, — wrote in Instagram Povaliy.

      Sophia Rotaru has wonderful grandchildren that delight the grandma in your accomplishments, as well as a loving family — son Ruslan Evdokimenko and his wife Svetlana. However, the life of the singer has not always been rosy. In October 2016 will mark 14 years since the death of her husband Rotaru, artist Anatoly Evdokimenko, the Creator of the ensemble “Chervona Ruta”. Sister Sophia Mikhailovna, 57-year-old singer Aurika Rotaru, told reporters about how the people’s favorite has experienced the loss of a loved person.

      After Evdokimenko struck a severe stroke in 2002, the artist has lost all interest in life. She refused many lucrative offers and began to lead a solitary life. Federal channels were invited Rotaru concerts, however, the woman refused to speak. All my free time Sofia Mikhailovna spent in the cemetery, near the grave of the deceased spouse. Relatives and friends do not understand what is happening, because rotary has become alienated from them. The whole environment of the singer is very worried about her and worried her of what had happened.

      “Sonia has been through so that we were afraid to leave her alone! Of course, as could, supported. Sonia refused all concerts and filming for the first time in thirty years did not participate in the final of the TV program “song of the year”. For six months she even disappeared from the TV screens. Did not sing, did not come on the scene, closed in on itself. Every day in the morning went to the cemetery, on the grave of her husband, and held there for several hours. Talked to him as a living!”, says the younger sister of Sofia Rotaru.

      Watch the suffering of the women left without its second half, was really hard. All this continued until, until the son of Sophia Mikhailovna reminded her about work.

      “One evening, her son Ruslan sat Sonia and said, “Mom, you need to work. At least for the memory of the father! Let’s dedicate him a new song. He let us THERE rejoice”. Convinced my mom to start singing, found new composers. Sonia has recorded an album dedicated to Anatoliy Yevdokymenko, and called “the one”. She went to work,” said Aurika Rotaru Sobesednik.ru.

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