Close tims brick outraged by the slander Dana Borisova

Близкие Тимы Брика возмущены клеветой Даны Борисовой Relatives of the former PR Manager presenter accuse her of lying. Previously, Dana Borisova said all over the country that Tim Brick was used banned substances before his death. However, the results of the autopsy of the young man showed the opposite.
Близкие Тимы Брика возмущены клеветой Даны Борисовой

Not so long ago televideo Dana Borisov was suspected of using illegal substances. A situation in which the celebrity has dedicated several editions of “Let them talk”. Native stars undergoing rehabilitation in Thailand, worried about its condition. A show where the blonde said that the drugs they have put her PR Manager Tim Brick. According to the woman he tricked her, giving them a means to weight loss.

Dana Borisova refuses to communicate with mother

“I don’t want to make excuses. Tim really loved, love, idolize, but I’m probably not stupid. Understand that if you smell something, is a drug. I was far from the topic, and Tim was suggested to me that I’m fat, need to lose weight. To achieve something, I have to be almost 42 pounds. I’m not fat, but lost him at seven pounds. We together ate!” – claimed leading.

Prokhor Chaliapin tried to stand up for a young man who died, but Dana Borisova said that the actor does not know all the details. “Tim died from it at age 26, he had a heart,” said the host.

The bride timy brick: diamond Elizabeth Taylor, sports car and the affair with the Prince of Monaco.

Close tims brick was shocked by the words of his former colleague, disgraced, in their opinion, public relations specialist for the whole country. According to them, the statement of Dana Borisova is not true. Visit brick to Instagram published an article proving them right. Native young man decided to publish an official statement on the results of his autopsy. According to this document, in tims blood found no drugs.


“Circumstances compel us to protect the name of the departed. For everyone who shouts at every corner that Tim was a drug addict, irrefutable proof – the results of the examination. And just based on it can do at least some insights! (…) You cannot break the law of God, the departed or good, or no. Be careful and tolerant towards each other”, – said close to a former PR specialist Dana Borisova.

Recall that Tim Brick died due to acute cardiac failure due to secondary cardiomyopathy. Examination showed that the blood of the young man had high blood sugar. Brick for a long time suffered from diabetes, which he has denied all the vital organs.

Friends of the deceased Tim brick: “He was a kind and generous”

We also add that recently in the Network appeared the Frank recognition of the stylist Dana Borisova ray Samedov. A man accuses TV star of lying. “Dana, do not hesitate, slandered me all over the country, saying that I was bringing her drugs. Don’t know her either not recovered, or it may have overheated in the sun,” said the ex-employee star. Stylist Dana Borisova accused her of lying and dishonesty

Tim Brick died in February 2016, and it was a great shock to his colleagues in show business. The official cause of death was listed as acute heart failure, which arose on the background of diabetes. With this disease the young man fought his entire life, had the third group of disability.

Each brick Prokhor Chaliapin claimed that the producer of large quantities of meds for weight loss, and did not comply with the dosage. Also, the singer openly shared that Tim loved sweets and couldn’t refuse the desserts.

In the last hours of life next to the brick was his close friend and colleague, claimed that the producer suddenly a sudden heart attack. Later he measured the blood sugar level, which was elevated, and in a few minutes from tims started cramping.

The tragic death of tims brick. Investigation “StarHit”.

“We went to the clinic of plastic surgery, where he led his friends, Catherine, a former member of “House-2” with a friend, for examination. Approaching the building, he said that his heart began to ache. I offered to go to the pharmacy, to which he replied: “Late drop in.” In the end, we went to the clinic ten minutes we sat, and then the girls went to the examination. After some time, Tim became ill,” says a close friend of brick.

There was information about that at the moment of death next to the producer was Lou Ferrigno. The TV presenter this information is denied, emphasizing that Both she hasn’t spoken for about two years. However, a few days before the death of the Brick tried to reach her. Upon learning of the tragedy, the star of “Army shop” wanted to go to the hospital, where he died a young man, but decided that it would create unnecessary confusion.

After the death of the young men began to appear unpleasant facts of his biography. In particular, the press emerged that the deceased left debts to the Bank. Part of the amount of Tim repaid during his lifetime, but his mother had to pay about ten million rubles.

“About diabetes I knew he when I even do injections in the stomach, he followed the blood sugar – punctured finger,” – said Borisov.