Близкие вспоминают Веру Глаголеву в день ее рождения The eldest daughter of the actress Anna nahapetova published archival photo of the famous mother. Today the Vera Glagoleva would have turned 62 years. Screen star passed away almost six months ago. Friends and colleagues still can’t believe people’s artist no more.
Близкие вспоминают Веру Глаголеву в день ее рождения

Vera Vitalyevna Glagoleva passed away in August of last year. The actress and Director has long suffered from cancer, but concealed terrible diagnosis – cancer of the stomach from friends and colleagues. Today, the actress would have turned 62 years.

The last days of the life of Vera Vitalievna spent in the hospital Schwarzwald-Bar at the University of Freiburg in the suburbs of Baden-Baden. Farewell to the artist will be held on 19 August 2017 in the Central House of cinema. The funeral took place at the cemetery Troekurov.

Today family, friends and colleagues of Faith vitalevny ostavili in social networks a lot of posts dedicated to people’s artist of Russia. Some footage from the life of the actress, the fans saw for the first time.

“Today is a very special day… Happy birthday, our love…”the eldest daughter of the actress Anna nahapetova.

The youngest daughter of Vera Vitalievna Anastasia Ovechkina published the famous mother and touching congratulated her with birthday.

“Happy birthday, our beloved…”- signed picture of Nastya.

Operator Alexander Nosovsky worked with Vera Vitalievna over her latest film “Clay pit”. He has published images in which the actress selects a location for the filming.

Близкие вспоминают Веру Глаголеву в день ее рождения“Honey, honey, honey, the only Faith! Today is your birthday! You always pointed away from Moscow and therefore, it seems to me that today you’re out of town. I even know where! You just know that we love you and call you to say it!”wrote close friend of the actress producer Natalia Ivanova on his page in the Network.
Близкие вспоминают Веру Глаголеву в день ее рождения

Film Director Nikolay Lebedev has also published a post that told what remember Faith Glagoleva. In his recording of the Lebedev admits he does not believe that the people’s artist, there is almost six months.

Близкие вспоминают Веру Глаголеву в день ее рождения“Every year on this day I reached her, and she responded, wherever. Sonorous voice on the other end: “Dear! Favorite! Thank you-thank you-thank you!”I haven’t time to tell. No, let the guys from yellow publications will shroud the feathers. Nothing in our relationship, just that she was a wonderful person, very wonderful person who loved the world and loved people. And liked to say good. She just radiated love and joy. She had a wonderful family, a caring husband, three beautiful daughters, clever, beautiful. Around her the world was getting better and shined a special light. It is not the words. It’s true,” – said Lebedev.
Близкие вспоминают Веру Глаголеву в день ее рождения

According to the filmmaker, Vera V. was fragile, delicate, but inside the people’s artist was a powerful rod. “When I saw her behind the wheel of a huge SUV, then secretly wondered how such a thin woman, almost a girl can cope with such a huge machine? But in actual fact, Faith could handle things much more complex and almost beyond. She was solid and monolithic character, really strong. But her strength was no aggression or desire of superiority. Even those who avoided”, – said Lebedev.

The Director said that the national artist was a straight man, nothing never smiled to those who did not believe. However, even with such people as Vera Vitalyevna was correct, although I kept my distance.

Близкие вспоминают Веру Глаголеву в день ее рождения

Friend and fellow folk artist writer Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina few months ago reported “StarHit” about the last movie worked on Vera Vitalevna.

The screenplay for the film by Vera Glagoleva: “Last week on the set she was given to hard»

According to Olga, actors and producers who worked with Glagoleva on the film “Clay pit” knew she was sick. However, the actress always looked cheerful, was incredibly active, so no one could see the deterioration in her condition.

“You know, there are works that pursues evil rock. This is the case. Alexei Balabanov wanted to film the play, but died. Now this tragic story with Faith. She had worked on the project, literally burned them. Last week on the set were given Glagoleva especially hard, she felt bad, but didn’t give up. The film tells the story of two sisters who are fighting over one man. However, this is not love, but rather a social history,” – said Pogodina-Kuzmina.

Vera Glagoleva refused chemotherapy shortly before his death