Close Natalia gundarevoj opened her personal secrets

Близкие Натальи Гундаревой открыли ее личные тайны Since the death of the famous actress passed more than a decade. In a live TV show friends Natalia gundarevoj shared their memories of her and shed light on the rumors about her numerous Hobbies. They told me that the artist wanted to be a mother, do not forgive cheating and always doubted the sincerity of the feelings of others.

      Близкие Натальи Гундаревой открыли ее личные тайны

      Legendary actress Natalya Gundareva died in may 2005. Close celebrities continue to remember her and share their stories about the woman. Thursday, April 6, in the program “live” friends gathered gundarevoj to tell about her secret novels, the unfulfilled dreams, and much more.

      In 1986, the artist Elena Molchenko married Alexander Fatyushin, which many attributed to an affair with Natalia gundarevoj. The year before the woman began to work at the Mayakovsky Theatre together with her lover Anatoliy Lobotskiy. Then Gundareva was a leading actress in cultural institutions. The lobotsky she immediately liked, and then Molchenko suspected him of treason. Until then, until it started to take care of patulin. The relationship of stars over the wedding.

      “For three days decided to get married. And I have to admit that Sasha was not aware of this whole situation… Before the wedding he took me to Ryazan to his mother. And Ekaterina, God rest her soul, said: “Shura! But what about Natalia? Painfully, she you wanted. She directly rushed to me, saying: “Take me as a daughter in law, I’m a good hostess and Shurik’s love,” – said Molchenko.
      Близкие Натальи Гундаревой открыли ее личные тайны

      Elena also shared one of the quotes Natalia. According to Molchenko, her friend always doubted the sincerity of the feelings of others. “You though hundred times tell me about love on your knees and crawl you say you love me, I will never believe that someone loves me truly” – shared Gundareva with a colleague.

      The broadcast also showed an interview with Anatoliy Lobotskiy. Talking about Natalya Gundareva, a man can’t hide his admiration for the scale of her talent. However, the actor has not confirmed his relationship with a famous actress.

      “And I attributed the novel? Oh, My God. That’s what the popular people, I mean not yourself. Necessarily, if there is a new partner on the scene, it’s as without the novel,” said lobotsky.

      Then the Studio came actress and singer Valentina Ignatyeva, who is also, as many believe, the “led” man Natalia gundarevoj. The woman was the second wife of Viktor Koreshkov, once threw his wife for a Soviet film star. Ignatiev shared his version of the events.

      According to Valentina Vasilevny, she never was a friend of Natalia Georgievna, but fate drove them several times. Women in one area, easily able to find a common language.

      “After Natasha and Victor broke up, he called me to offer to read the script of the musical… Then met to discuss. Well, “boobsvideos,” – says Ignatiev. – At this time, Natasha was not the one, but it was, of course… I don’t know whether it was a strike.”
      Близкие Натальи Гундаревой открыли ее личные тайны

      My truth about relationships with the Soviet film star also shared by the former footballer Alexander Minaev. He was hiding an affair with Natalia gundarevoj. She even wanted to have his baby, but the plans of the artist was not to be. Minayev has changed the second half. Gundareva could not endure the betrayal and broke up with the athlete.

      In addition, their memories about the actress shared Viktor Proskurin played elect Natalia Gundareva in a film “Once twenty years later”. “You know, let’s all be sure that we had a relationship. Thank God this movie is part of video”, – with these words, the man commented on the rumors about a possible affair with a partner.

      “I really loved her very much and would never be her husband.. If a woman, what, already? The girls a lot, but the word “female” for each person”, – said Proskurin.

      The last man Natalia gundarevoj became actor Mikhail Filippov, buried a beloved wife. A friend of the actress said that the man was extremely upset by her leaving.

      “It was true love. He was a private man, but internally as deep as Natasha. Misha was very slow to recover after her death, he believed in her recovery and that faith gave her,” said Svetlana Orlova.