Close Lyudmila Lyadova fear that she became a victim of speculators

Близкие Людмилы Лядовой опасаются, что она стала жертвой аферистов As claimed by the familiar of the famous composer, a woman does not get in touch with them. According to sources close to the star, Lyudmila Lyadova restricted communication with family and friends. At the same time the sister of the famous artist, on the contrary, insists that she’s fine.
Близкие Людмилы Лядовой опасаются, что она стала жертвой аферистов

92-year-old people’s artist of the RSFSR Lyudmila Lyadova – author of more than a thousand songs for many famous artists. At different times during the song women sang Joseph Kobzon, Lyudmila Zykina Valentina Tolkunova, Edita, Edward hill and many other famous artists. Close Lyudmila Alexeevna turned to the program “live”, gravely concerned for her. They suggest that the lawyer Victor dvorovenko, which has recently made friends with a celebrity, purposely rubbed it in trust to get a luxury apartment in the center of Moscow. The friendship of the lawyer and Lyadova raises serious concerns for its environment.

Galyna Gorbenko, a friend of the composer, said that asking for help in finding friends. She claims that Lyudmila Alekseevna specifically restricted communication with her family and friends.

“Nobody knows where it is. He fenced it all – taken from the apartment where now the repair, and taken to a country house… the first time I saw him in 2013. Now she’s with him all the time. It is easy to ingratiate himself, and she almost never sees, so it can sign almost anything,” says the woman.
Близкие Людмилы Лядовой опасаются, что она стала жертвой аферистов

Spouse celebrity Alexander Kudryashov now lives in the Moscow region separated from his wife. “Darling now only departs from the sores. It will be a normal sober person, and then you can collect a consultation. All, they say, Victor, you require a signature, and see, Sweetheart is in a bad condition,” he said in an interview. Familiar transmission and some experts believe that the words Kudryashova testify to the allegedly selfish intentions, dvorovenko.

A cousin of the famous composer Irina Ozernaya also spoke about the situation, which turned out to be her cousin. The woman clarified the relationship of the lawyer and Lyudmila Alekseevny.

“Now she’s at her friends – dvorovenko. They met at the cottage… There it is on a full Board basis and in blissful mood. She’s on the mend… He treats her and cares for her. The land is rife with rumors, but what you’re saying, Victor, dvorovenko was not. Sasha (the husband of the composer) was very sick, and he made it to the hospital,” said lake.
Близкие Людмилы Лядовой опасаются, что она стала жертвой аферистов

At the same time Kudryashov takes a different point of view. “They probably still with my dad and shared at home the Council decided, because of Mila at the age to fuck the apartment. They will have already signed, so… Figuratively speaking, I shed a bucket of tears, but I was so sad. Every day I feel bad. 7 months. I never thought I would go… They are so tricky – just me! From there it is very difficult to leave this dungeon and prison. And there are people of different professions, religions. We had 26 people. There alcoholism and drug addiction. I broke out because I recognized bowel cancer”, said the husband Lyudmila Lyadova.

Irina Ozernaya expressed disagreement with one of the claims the wife of the famous composer. “But she’s not signed! She promised the day after tomorrow,” he argued with a man lake.

Earlier, the journalists interviewed, Dvorovenko, in which he talked about his relationship with the star. The lawyer did not hide that he feels a kinship with the composer.

“Lyudmila Alekseevna me more than my mom. She is all my childhood spent with me, raised me. All my childhood we spent at the cottage in the suburbs. Villas are located almost opposite each other, just across the river. She knew my great-grandfather, my great-grandmother. My great-grandfather helped her build a house. She came to visit us,” said the man.