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Близкие Либерж Кпадону спасают ее от очередной зависимости The star of “House-2” has closed the house and stopped answering calls from friends.Environment girls are concerned about her status and tries to help her. Very Liberg aware of their problem, but can’t pull myself together.

      29-year-old ex-member of the scandalous reality show “Dom-2” Liberi Kadono for several weeks, never leaves the walls of country manor. Girl locked and stopped regularly to get in touch. Friends Liberi sure all because of her new addiction. The thing is that recently Kadono addressed to experts with the request to help her get rid of the addiction to alcohol. The ex-inmates of telestroke literally sounded the alarm, because nobody expected that getting rid of bad habits, she will fall into despair.

      “It closed, not sleeping at night, daytime do not understand what is involved – says “StarHit” the assistant of the singer Maxim Vinitsky. She looks like the one bad habit changed to another, I was very worried about her”.

      Worried about the state of Kadono relatives and close friends. “I am confident that she will cope with any problems, always support it, but I have no such possibility… Difficult to communicate with her”, – says the best friend Liberi.

      To hide from feelings of loneliness and other issues she decided in the virtual world. According to her, the pull of the computer games her for a long time.

      “Just before it was time, and now I quit drinking, loving men I have, so I took the old – admits to Kadono. – I understand that it should end already gained 8 pounds… it’s Time to take yourself in hand”.

      Many well known that the last few months, Liberi turned to the psychologist and psychiatrist who helped her to solve the internal problems. “StarHit” call up the doctor and said, whether he knows about the state of his client. “It’s okay, she just needs to find a replacement for this passion and channel all your energy into work or creativity to time in such classes,” explained the man.

      However, to pull myself up Liberg not yet possible – all the time she spends on computer games, forgetting to pass the necessary tests at the clinic, where it has long wait, and to decide all questions concerning the filming of the video.

      “Every day until it harder to get through, it turns off the phone or just not picking up, so things are not done”, – said the representative of the singer.