Close left need of Edita Peha without the help

Близкие оставили нуждающуюся Эдиту Пьеху без помощи The singer commented on his health. Edita confirmed that he was hospitalized due to bronchitis. The medical establishment was not sufficient medicine, and for several days no one could get to the pharmacy to buy her drugs.
Близкие оставили нуждающуюся Эдиту Пьеху без помощи

April 5, came the news that Edita was urgently hospitalized. The singer was in the cardiology Department of one of St. Petersburg hospitals. Fans were excited about such news because the relatives of the women were reluctant to comment on her health. That is why the artist decided to describe the situation.

Speaking to representatives of the program “You wouldn’t believe it!” she confirmed that she was in the hospital. The cause was acute bronchitis. According to star, she can not cope with a cough and need medicine to by no one.

“I feel poorly, cough badly. Can not recover, and the hospital does not have necessary medicines. Go to the pharmacy no one. Every day someone calls, asks, whether alive, not dead? And I say: “can’t wait”. Although the disease is very difficult,” said Peha.

Then the correspondents of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” decided to help the star. They bought drugs for her and rose, who just loves Edita. Medicines passed through hospital workers, and later Peha by telephone thanked the journalists. She said not to worry about her health.

“I lie in cardiology not because of heart problems, but because of the fact that the hospital just has no patients with bronchitis. Now lie on the bed in a Bathrobe, all disheveled. But as soon as I get cleaned up, will definitely be in touch with the fans,” said the star.

The grandson of Edita Piekha Stas confirmed that his grandmother’s bronchitis. However, the man noted that the relative life is not in danger. “We all get it. I had on my feet, but she’s older, so it can not. It is common colds that turned into bronchitis. It is absolutely ordinary problem, do not worry”, – said the singer.

The fans hope that the artist will be able to cope with the illness and will return to the stage. Previously, Collins admitted that she is becoming increasingly difficult to speak. However, the star may not refuse to work, as in that she draws strength and inspiration. At several shows Edita sang sitting on a chair, but still stoically played every hit at the highest level.