Close Kournikova and Iglesias told who you look like their children

Близкие Курниковой и Иглесиаса поведали, на кого похожи их дети At the end of last year, the famous singer and his girlfriend became parents for the first time. After some time the pair of twins, and recently my sister Enrique Iglesias told about a charming nephews reporters.

Close Enrique Iglesias told reporters about his lovely children. With the moment the popular singer became a father for the first time, it took more than two months. The actor and his girlfriend Anna Kournikova, famous for its secrecy, rarely share details of his personal life. As the couple refrains from talking to the press, correspondents have addressed for comments to their relatives.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova no longer hide their children

Sister Iglesias, Tamara Falco loves his nephew. A young woman believes that kids grow up with a copy of his famous parents.

“Lucy is more like Anna, she’s blonde, she has blue eyes, and Nico – the spitting image of Enrique, more dark,” – said Tamara.

Filipino journalist and television host Isabel Preysler, mother of the artist, says that he spends with the kids all the free time. Apparently, Iglesias has long dreamed of adding to the family.

“Enrique is incredibly happy. And my grandchildren are just perfect, lovely and grow with some incredible speed,” shared Isabel.

Earlier in the Network has led other words the mother of the famous artist. Then, Preysler said that Anna Kournikova did not hide the preparations for the replenishment of the family. “She did not have much to relax or to visit doctors. It was a completely normal pregnancy. Anna leads a quiet home life, so no one knew about her interesting position,” said a close relative of elect athletes.

Apparently, now Kournikova returns to shape after childbirth. Recently, Anna shared in the microblog short video made in the gym. The footage, a young woman performs exercises. Fans of sports stars have noticed that she looks beautiful.

Recall that about an important event in the life of Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias became known on December 18. About it to foreign journalists said the sources, who wished to remain anonymous. The good news was a real surprise for fans of the pair. Throughout pregnancy Anna did not see a single picture, where she would be depicted with a rounded belly. Fans of Kournikova and Iglesias even could not think about what they are preparing for the replenishment of the family.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias Dating 2001. The stars met during the filming of the video for the song Escape.