Close Govorukhin spoke about the fight against the disease and his final days

Близкие Говорухина рассказали о борьбе с болезнью и его последних днях Today is 9 days, how not to become a great Director. Stanislav Govorukhin left of life after cancer, which he tried to hide from the public. Friends and wife told me what it was.
Близкие Говорухина рассказали о борьбе с болезнью и его последних днях

Last week, June 14, on 83-m to year of life in the sanatorium “Barvikha” died Stanislav Govorukhin. Here he was treated for cancer, he was often visited by friends. With businessman Yuri Resteghini metr met many years ago. Together they flew to the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi, Yuri was a welcome guest at the dacha outside Moscow Stanislav Sergeyevich.

“We saw each other 10 days before his death, says fellow Director “StarHit”. – Came to Stanislav Sergeevich in the resort, twice fighting chess. One party left me. This game was his love. Govorukhin often tried to give artsy boards, including me. Once brought three on “Kinotavr”, so he rejected. Respected only classical pieces with felted base. I have kept home chess, donated by them personally. And Stanislav respectful of Russian cuisine. All the time talked about meals, like what is being prepared. In my restaurant I made a few innovations in his Council: he proposed to replace the dim lights to bright they say, people should clearly see what I eat”.

Until his death near Govorukhin all the time was the wife Galina.

“Stanislav was already weak – very thin, hard to move, – continues Yuri. But he was engaged in the Affairs: participated in the life of the Duma Committee on culture, film Studio “the Vertical”, which is headed, read the materials for “Military magazine”, produced under his leadership.”

Nikas Safronov was also visiting a friend in “Barvikha”, men drinking tea, SIP a little wine. “A week before his departure, doctors gathered a Council, and Govorukhin announced that the tumor metastasized in the brain, – says the artist. – Before he did the operation in Israel, which he was dissatisfied, then treated at the Vishnevsky Institute. Galya did everything possible, tried to save him. But the Stanislav told me that after telling the doctors came to terms with the disease. Said has lived much, adequately completing the path, many go sooner. Vladimir Putin wanted to Govorukhin, and this year was headed by his campaign headquarters, he was unable for health reasons. But support of Vladimir Putin, they called up”.

With Vladimir Vinokur directed side by side at the cottage. “Fame was hard to breathe, a year ago he removed a light, – shares with “StarHit” the comedian. But he smiled, kept. And never parted with his beloved pipe. Stanislav wsapoll read poems, knew hundreds of them. Wanted to write a second book about his friend Vysotsky. Unquenchable optimism has taught me not to feel age. The memory of it remained cigar lighter. I will keep it!”

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