Close “drunk boy” refused the exhumation of his body

Близкие «пьяного мальчика» отказались от эксгумации его тела According to the lawyer, this is a very severe psychological test. The parents of Alesha Shimko, who died under the wheels of the car, waiting for the results of the regular examination and meeting of the court on this case, which is scheduled for August 21.
Близкие «пьяного мальчика» отказались от эксгумации его тела

Six-year-old Alesha Shimko died under the wheels of the car at which wheel there was a resident of Moscow Olga beneficial. After the accident, which occurred at the end of April this year, in the baby’s blood was found alcohol. The results of this examination has angered the parents of the child, and they began to fight for justice.

The family of a six year old boy has offered to exhume his body, however, according to the lawyer of the injured party, Viktor Danilchenko, they will refuse this procedure. The lawyer said that the parents of Alesha doubt that it will provide some reliable data. Besides, according to Danilchenko, I would not want to expose people to such psychological testing.

Meanwhile, soon we will know the results of the next examination, which must answer the question: how the alcohol was in the blood of a small child. The boy’s father had taken the position that it could mix with after the accident. In the case of the death of the “drunken” toddler appeared unexpected details

“Alyosha was an amazing boy, favorite child in the family. He was soft, gentle. He was loved by everyone: grandparents, educators in kindergarten,” – said Roman Shimko of his deceased son in one of the shows.
Близкие «пьяного мальчика» отказались от эксгумации его тела

Closed meeting in the case of “drunk boy” will be held August 21 in the Railway court. At the moment the accused in committing the fatal accidents Olga beneficial is in a temporary detention center of Balashikha, where it was placed July 6, 2017. The woman will remain under arrest until September 15. The lawyer of Alisovoy Natalie Kurakin believes that investigators pressured her client, since the employee is regularly visited her in the detention center. According to a legal representative, Olga holds firmly in this situation and did not complain.

The Network also created a petition, in which its author, a well-known producer Maxim Fadeev requires authorities to have the case brought to an end and punished the culprit of the accident.

“It is crucial now to before the sentence about this story is not forgotten. Our task is not to let go of this story and to see that the court was impartial, and the sentence is fair,” – said the worker of show business, announcing the petition.