Close daughter Lyudmila Gurchenko told about her last years of life

Близкие дочери Людмилы Гурченко рассказали о ее последних годах жизни Native artist told about the childhood of Mary Queen. The heiress of the singer died Wednesday. No one could have predicted what she was feeling. In the new issue of “Let them talk” friends of the family remembered what this woman was.
Близкие дочери Людмилы Гурченко рассказали о ее последних годах жизни

On the eve of the died daughter Lyudmila Gurchenko Mary Queen. The woman was going to go to the doctor, but she became suddenly ill. The paramedics did not have time to help the successor of the famous artist. In the program “Let them talk” were people who are familiar with Mary and the family of Lyudmila Markovna.

Died daughter Lyudmila Gurchenko

Constantine Kuperveys, who was the spouse of the great artist, assisted in the education of the little machine. The man claims that significant differences in the mother and daughter arose.

“In an interview with Lyudmila Markovna is not talking about the conflict with Mary, and conflict with the family of Masha. And for some reason the second part was left on the sidelines. I don’t understand how anyone can quarrel with Mary. This is a man who could not do evil to offend anyone,” – said Kuperveys.

According to the former wife of Jack, Mary has even decided to change my name after marriage. She preferred not to depend on the big names of the mother. Life Mary worked as a regular nurse.

Близкие дочери Людмилы Гурченко рассказали о ее последних годах жизни

Neighbor Queen said that they sometimes discussed the life of Lyudmila Markovna. According to the woman, a mother and daughter and are unable to forgive each other. Earlier in an interview with Mary herself recalled that she wanted to apologize to the parent.

“I told her, “Mommy has to forgive all,” was the jubilee, but she’s not called mother. Maria was worried about her mother’s death. They do not have time to make up. That’s why she was crying. Always a shame when you will understand later,” said friend Mary.
Близкие дочери Людмилы Гурченко рассказали о ее последних годах жизни

Ex-husband Gurchenko claims that the Queen is not immediately realized when her mother died. However, according to him, she tried to maintain composure. “Masha was thick-skinned. She’s not very close took anything,” said Kuperveys.

Guests in the Studio have come to the conclusion that Mary was deprived of attention from the mother. Many believe Gurchenko and Queen led a completely different lifestyle.

Dmitry Borisov visited Sergei Senin. He recalled the words of who wrote about Gurchenko daughter. The artist noted in his book that was very worried if the girl was alone.

Близкие дочери Людмилы Гурченко рассказали о ее последних годах жизни

One of the last Maria spoke her brother, Vladimir Shishkin. He said that for several days she complained of malaise.

“Masha was closely associated in recent times. We were going to come to remember Lyudmila Markovna on birthday. She was at the cottage. She never complained about his health. But this time she said, “Volodya, I feel bad that some got sick, my temperature,” I told her, “When you come from the country, go immediately to the doctor.” She agreed. I phoned her on Tuesday night, before the tragedy. She said that on Wednesday will go. She was always at work, raise your family,” said brother Mary Vladimir Shishkin.

According to the man, Maria always tried to shoulder everything on yourself. “She didn’t understand why she couldn’t be with his birth mother. She was worried about that,” explained the relative.

Senin adds that Mary differed zamknutomu, but after several hours of talks it became open. According to him, the Queen was good and defenseless man.

“I have very warm attitude. This is the only Lucia’s daughter. I’m sorry for what happened,” said the last spouse of Jack.