Close children’s writer Anatoly Aleksin shocked by his death

Близкие детского писателя Анатолия Алексина потрясены его смертью The man was 92 years old. Fans of Anatoly Alexin can’t believe what happened. Many remember him through the beautiful literary language. During his career he created a large number of works for children.
Близкие детского писателя Анатолия Алексина потрясены его смертью

The first of may died known children’s writer Anatoly Aleksin. The man was 92 years old. The last six years, the writer together with his wife Tatiana Setunsky lived in Luxembourg, where he moved to his daughter Alena. The cause of death of Anatoly Aleksina is not yet known.

Friends and admirers of the writer can’t believe what happened. Friends of the writer remember vivid events from his life. A family friend alexina Dmitry lihanov spoke about the last meeting of the Pope with the famous writer.

“My father arrived in Monaco from Paris on a spring morning in 2015, and right away went to the hospital to Aleksino. His daughter Alena Zander asked daddy to go to the cafe across the road. Ordered lunch with brandy. My father was not seen by Alexina almost two decades since the day when he emigrated to Israel, but before they saw each other and met very often. It seemed to me that at the end of life of these elderly classics of Soviet children’s literature should meet again. To say goodbye. And because arranged this meeting, agreeing about everything with Alena. As it turns out, it was really their last meeting, during which both did not hide their feelings,” says the man.
Близкие детского писателя Анатолия Алексина потрясены его смертью

Dmitry also said that this Thursday will be parting with Anatoly khovantsev Leccinum in Luxembourg. A memorial service will be held in the Orthodox Church for the Eastern Pyrenean state. As it turned out, the famous children’s writer wanted to be buried in Moscow next to his wife. Tatiana passed away three years ago.

“We grew up on his books. Many times all novels read! Some sort of light style! Light memory!”, “Just remember, “My brother plays the clarinet”. In memory of”, “in memory of… As we were reading his books! And even many writers tried to write in his style,” wrote fans.

The first collection of stories, “Thirty-one days” Anatoly Georgievich was released in 1950. Then he decided as the alias to take the name of mother, changing Goberman in Aleksin. The last story the man was published nine years ago. In 2008 he published the story “Look me in the eyes”. Among his famous works such as “Crazy Evdokia”, “Hot stone”, “In the land of eternal vacation” and many others.