Близкие Анны Ардовой сомневались в ее таланте The actress recalled childhood in the program “Relish”. Anna Ardova spoke about his beloved grandmother, a pupil of Konstantin Stanislavsky who believed that the granddaughter would become a talented actress.

The star of the sitcoms, theater actress. Mayakovsky Anna Ardova became a guest of Ivan Urgant in the program “Relish”. The actress chose to showcase their culinary abilities dish with pasta – pasta salad with tuna and shrimp and stuffed shells and cheese.

Ardova from a creative family. Her father Boris Ardov – animator, Director, actor, mother, Peace Ardova, actress of the youth theater, grandfather – Victor E. was a writer and playwright, grandmother – Nina Olshansky studied at the Stanislavsky, she, by the way, mom Alexei Batalov, who, respectively, Anna Ardovs had relatives uncle. And stepfather of the future the winner of the prestigious TEFI was beloved by the audience, Aramis Igor Starygin.

For cooking pasta in the Studio of the First channel Ardova remembered his happy childhood and recounted the dialogue that happened at her grandmother during school years

Ardova from childhood wanted to be an actress and definitely like Faina Ranevskaya. She shared her desires with her grandmother, hoping to hear the approval. But the reaction was quite different. Was like family don’t really believe in the talent of the actress.

“I came to grandma and say – I want to be as Faina Ranevskaya. I thought now I tell her, and she told me – “well done, Anita, no pretty want to be like, a real actress.” Instead, Nina said to me, “Well, swung at the first actress!”, – said Anna.

Ardova was still alive, and that its main role is comic. And as often happens with talented comedians, life Ardovs, which this year will be 49 years, not always in a major key.

In the Studio of the program “Smak” Ardova appeared in black clothes. In the beginning of last year Anna and her husband, actor Alexander Shavrin announced the divorce after 20 years of marriage. And at the end of the year 30 Dec Shavrin died. It turned out that he was struggled with cancer. Ardova, who dryly commented on their divorce, never told the press about the personal after the death of the former husband. The actress flew off to rest, which aroused the indignation of the public.

Anna Ardova convicted of a luxurious vacation after her husband’s death

About the reasons of divorce, or how she survives the death of the former husband, Anna chose not to speak. But her daughter Sophia, which the stepfather Aleksandr Shavrin was raised as a mother, convinced that her parents always loved each other, and all who knew her father still can’t accept his death.

By the way, children Ardovs and Shavrina continued acting dynasty – Sophia is in the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov, Anton and the younger is studying acting at College in the theater of Oleg Tabakov.