Близкие Алексея Баталова рассказали о его состоянии The famous actor is undergoing tests in a medical facility. According to the representative of the actor Alexey Batalov has problems with pressure. Concerned fans of movie stars wish him a speedy recovery.
Близкие Алексея Баталова рассказали о его состоянии

Today in mass media there was information that the 88-year-old Alexei Batalov was feeling unwell and had to go to the doctors. Journalists claimed that the actor observed in the clinic due to complications after a recent surgery.

“StarHit” contacted a representative of the star, who confirmed that Alexei Batalov is actually observed by a health professional. According to assistant artist, he has problems with pressure. Currently, the actor examined the doctors in one of the capital’s hospitals.

Later, Vladimir Ivanov, one of Alexei Batalov, told reporters that the actor is recovering in a medical facility. A friend of the actor revealed that he put the prosthesis. Ivanov also said that physically feels good.

Earlier, in late February of this year, in the press appeared information about the hospitalization of Alexei Batalov. Then the wife of people’s artist of the USSR Gitana leontenko confirmed that her husband really went to the doctors. She also said that after some time the condition Batalov has improved significantly, and with him nothing happened. During the conversation with reporters Gitana A. assured her that her husband needs to be released in a week.

Близкие Алексея Баталова рассказали о его состоянии

In January, Alexei Batalov fell at home and broke her hip on his right leg. Trauma, as journalists found out, was not easy. The artist had to undergo a couple surgeries.

The famous actor and Director Alexey Batalov was born November 20, 1928 in Vladimir. For the first time, future movie star came on the scene during the war in evacuation in Bugulma. There his mother arranged for his own theatre.

In 1950 Batalov graduated from the famous School of the Moscow art theatre. Alexey was educated in the Studio of Sergei Blinnikova and Victor Stanitsyn. Debut of the actor in the film was a cameo role in the film Leo Arnshtama “Zoe”, filmed in 1944. In my whole career the famous actor played in a large number of popular films, including such films as “Moscow does not believe in tears”, “the cranes are Flying”, “the lady with the dog”, “Three fat men”, “Nine days of one city” and “Big family”.

Since 1975, Alexey began teaching at VGIK. Fourteen years later, the movie star became head of the Department of acting. During the meeting with journalists the actor admitted that he became a teacher by accident. After he died, Boris Babochkin, his course left without a leader. Alexey took care of students and colleagues.