Close Alexander Abdulov looking for money to complete his film

Близкие Александра Абдулова ищут деньги на завершение его фильма Each actor Vladimir Fatianov does not want to labor in vain. In recent years Alexander Abdulov worked on their own interpretation of “the Hyperboloid of engineer Garin”. He talked about the fact that I accomplished one-third of the plan.
Близкие Александра Абдулова ищут деньги на завершение его фильма

The third of January 2008, died a famous actor Alexander Abdulov. Shortly before his death, the artist began working on the film as writer, Director and leading actor. It is intended to do a new adaptation of the works of Alexei Tolstoy’s “the Hyperboloid of engineer Garin”. Friend Abdulov, Director Vladimir Fatyanov, promised to help him in his work. Now the man is going to keep your promise and complete the survey.

“I liked his work and would love in memory of Sasha to finish it – unfortunately, there is no funding. Although it is said that there are fans, sponsors, admirers of the genius of the actor, in the same Khanty-Mansiysk, which Abdulov did a lot. It would be possible now and the film to give the initial name was “Gary”, as he wanted Sasha, especially because the term of copyright from the heirs of “the Hyperboloid of engineer Garin” is about to expire. Julia supports me, friends and actors,” admitted Fatianov.
Близкие Александра Абдулова ищут деньги на завершение его фильма

As it turned out, the famous Director Alexander Abdulov helped with the script. According to past years, they wrote it pretty quickly – they took two months to completely change the original version. The actor himself realized that the text needed some work, and therefore was glad when a friend professional look appreciated his work.

The Director said that he, along with like-minded people to discuss possible options on how to implement the idea of the famous actor. Vladimir Fatianov did not disclose all the secrets, but said that viewers can expect a lot of surprises. He admitted to the correspondent of the publication “7 days” that he was asked to implement a very bold idea.

“And my good friend artist plastic makeup Peter Gorshenin (which is made of Vysotsky Sergei Bezrukov for the film “Vysotsky. Thank you for living”) believes that you can “revive” in the film Abdulov. Says: “you only Need to find an actor similar in stature to Alexander, everything else I will do? And no the screen does not tell where he Abdulov, where another actor,” he said.