Clint Eastwood shoots a drama about the failed terrorist attack on the train

Клинт Иствуд снимает драму о несостоявшемся теракте в поезде

86-year-old actor and Director Clint Eastwood is not going to stop. The filmmaker undertakes a new project, a drama in which we will talk about the failed terrorist attack.

The basis for the script would serve as the book “the Train at 15:17 to Paris: a True story about the terrorist train and three American heroes.” The authors of the book were made by just four people – Anthony Sandler, Alec Skarlatos, Spencer stone and Jeffrey stern.
The book is based on real events. The protagonists are three Americans who managed to stop the terrorist. A man armed with an AK-47, got on the train Brussels-Paris and intended to organize a terrorist attack. At itself it had a huge amount of ammunition – enough to kill more than 500человек.

Casting for the film Eastwood was not yet realized, because of who will play main roles not yet known. The shooting of the drama should begin towards the end of this year.