Clint Eastwood has led to the premiere of five out of eight of their children

Клинт Иствуд привел на премьеру пятерых из восьми своих детей
87-year-old master is not thinking of resignation.

Клинт Иствуд привел на премьеру пятерых из восьми своих детей

Clint Eastwood Christine Sandero


Clint Eastwood
pleased the numerous admirers of his talent, appearing on
the premiere of “Train to Paris” — the last to date, directorial
the works of Clint. Attending the event, testified that Eastwood,
which in may of this year will be 88 years old, looked cheerful and energetic.

For the premiere, held
in the Warner Brothers Studio in Los Angeles, Clint came an impressive “support team”: the daughter of 45-year-old Alison, 29-year-old Katherine, 24-year-old Francesca and 21-year-old Morgan, and
the 31-year-old son Scott. They all managed to try himself in the acting profession, following in the footsteps of his father. While the greatest fame was achieved,
perhaps Scott, who is considered Hollywood not only promising Aker, but
an inveterate lady-killer.

Five arrived on
event relatives Clint — it’s not all the children of Eastwood. However, the actor and
he is not sure exactly how many he has offspring. Once to a journalist’s question, how many
his children, Eastwood replied: “No less than seven!”To have a team Clint
helped two of his official wife — Margaret Johnson and Dina Ruiz, and
the many girlfriends of Eastwood, which have always been extremely popular
the ladies. However he is still not ready “to leave the monastery”. The last three years, 87-year-old
Clint meets with the 54-year-old girlfriend Christine Sanderos, who was also present
at the premiere.

As Regards
career, Clint, it seems, don’t even think about “retirement”. During his career he
managed to play as an actor in 70 films and has written, as a Director, almost forty, and
still managed to produce 44 projects. And
if Clint himself didn’t appear in 2014 years, as a Director
he managed to shoot two films. One of them — “the Train to Paris” -and represented Eastwood
in Los Angeles. This movie is about
the prevention of terrorist act in the train, EN route from Holland to France
in 2015 year.

Clint Eastwood with daughter Alison,and sons Stacy and Scott