Client Roses Sabitova requires it 325 thousand rubles in court

Клиентка Розы Сябитовой требует от нее 325 тысяч рублей через суд A woman accuses a matchmaker in shell grooms. The lady is unhappy that in spite of promises Sabitova, she was unable to marry. Client presenter claims that she has not fulfilled the terms of the contract, and therefore she was forced to go to court, which won.

      Клиентка Розы Сябитовой требует от нее 325 тысяч рублей через суд

      The TV presenter and matchmaker rose Sabitova became the heroine of the next program “the Secret of the million” TV channel NTV. The conversation in the Studio went on about not very pleasant for celebrities, in particular, its litigation with disgruntled clients. And as it turned out, not so little. Women who, even with the help of a professional matchmaker couldn’t find a soul mate, often in his failures in his personal life accuse Rose Sabitova.

      In the Studio of the program “Secret of a million” came a woman named Natalia. She said that at the time appealed for help to the rose Sabitova, paying her according to the contract 250 thousand rubles for the services of a matchmaker. In November the client was promised that the New year she will not meet alone. Rose argues that with men it is Natalia introduced. According to Natalia, the groom had only one, and he is a fake.

      Клиентка Розы Сябитовой требует от нее 325 тысяч рублей через суд“His name was Rome, told the jilted bride in the NTV. – This man was even brought to court for questioning. And the judge when he was questioned, he doubts my right did not arise”.

      The court decided to pay Natalie 325 thousand rubles. But it’s unclear who exactly the woman needs the money.

      “Rose Raifovna does not fulfill the court decision, does not return 325 thousand judicial decision,” – said Natalia. “Natasha, let’s be clear: the court decided who is to pay this amount?”, asked former client rose Sabitova. “One of your companies – said client. – “Rose club” in the city of Korolev. Now you transferred the firm for your mother-in-law, 85-year-old Sabitova Raisa Alexeyevna and all. You threw the debt of a writ of execution on the man. And I went to the Prosecutor’s office.”

      Клиентка Розы Сябитовой требует от нее 325 тысяч рублей через суд

      “That is not money I owe you? What I have violated the law? again, Sabitova said. – I give you money can legally. Claims against the company. Needs not me.”

      However, former client Rose Sabitova was a woman very prepared for this discussion. She stated that the issue simply: rose takes the obligations of third parties, and then concludes an agreement with the person who owns the firm “rose club”.

      The two ladies in the Studio did not manage to agree about anything. Each of them remained unconvinced. But it is obvious that Natalya is going to get their way and get the money she put on the court.