Classmates made fun of the girl for which made the train stop

Одноклассники затравили девочку, ради которой сделали остановку поезда 14-year-old Karine was hard to get from home to school. The teenager took four hours waiting for another train. In the end, the child had no time left for homework. Relatives had sought a review of transport timetables.
Одноклассники затравили девочку, ради которой сделали остановку поезда

The administration of the Kandalaksha district of the Murmansk region appealed to the railroad with the request to change the schedule of the long-distance trains to 14-year-old local resident Karina Kozlova could with my grandma to get home from school.

“We Poyakonda there is no school. The children always went to school in the neighbouring village of Zelenoborskiy, says “StarHit” Natalia, mum of the eighth-grader. – Grandmother of Karina Natalia for many years accompanied the children. She by education teacher, worked in a kindergarten. Parents trusted her. First, students from our village was 12, then eight, then three, now only one left Karina”.

The mother admitted that the road from home to school and back took about three hours. However, after changing the scheduled girl had to wait a very long time.

“To get in Zelenoborskiy, the girl with the grandmother sat on the train to the station Kniazha, and from there they took the bus. The whole journey took about one and a half hours. Return back on the train “Saint Petersburg – Murmansk”, he stayed at Prince’s after school, 15.51, for a moment it was enough to pop up. But from 1 December the station was not in the schedule. To go from a neighboring village now Karina could only train at 19:10, that is, the home fell only nine in the evening. For homework and relaxation, the child just wouldn’t have enough time! Daughter goes to eighth grade,” – said Natalia.

After the railroad was heard the request of the girl’s parents, classmates took the news the wrong way.

“When Karin said that a stop return, she was very happy. News was spreading throughout the village. Learned and classmates, however, did not support it, began to poke, “Hey, what’s the Princess!” She’s a child, not used to excessive attention, plus the awkward age – she even has a nervous breakdown was. I explain: “do Not worry! Guys don’t understand what good writing”. I think time will pass and all will be forgotten,” daughter encourages mom.