Classmate Philip Kirkorov told about the first love the king of pop

Одноклассник Филиппа Киркорова рассказал о первой любви поп-короля A friend of the actor told “StarHit” about how grew up the darling of millions. Maxim Panov remembered the girls had been taking care of Philip, as well as his antics in school.

      Одноклассник Филиппа Киркорова рассказал о первой любви поп-короля

      Their mutual friends joke: “There are people who know Philip better than Maxim Panov, but no one knows him longer than he.” In 1984 together they graduated from the Moscow school No. 413: the future king of pop – with a gold medal, Maxim – with a few fours. “We met in the sandbox, forty years ago. Lived in other entrances in the house on the Earthworks: Kirkorovi – on the second floor, and my family – the fifth – says the “Starite” Panov. – Phil first studied at the French school, she was far away, and my parents had him transferred closer to home. In third grade we became best friends, sat at the same Desk. Apparently, mom and dad advised him: “max is a good boy, from a family of engineers”. In General, given the good – then strictly watched that the child does not fall into bad company, especially since our neighborhood was not the quietest. Kirkorov had always learned better, helped me to pull Russian and literature and I gave him the math. Holy task was to copy each other’s tests. And, of course, to skip class.

      I remember in sixth grade we wanted to see the movie “KingKong” tickets in our cinema “Illusion” was only available for the morning sessions. We didn’t go to class. Go in the room, and there half of our class setting: in the school we missed, whether someone “leaked” where to find us. In the end, all caught – scandal was terrible.

      Одноклассник Филиппа Киркорова рассказал о первой любви поп-короля

      Then started to play hormones – lessons from the Loin we would hook up with girls, whispering to them, telling jokes, jokes that make everyone laugh in the voice. For the ladies hearts were often turned away at the door. Kirkorov in middle school was in love with a brunette with big eyes Tanya Chernavsky, then he became a cute Gal Klycheva, she was a year younger. In the courtship he was never shy, but didn’t nachalnica. I’ve always said openly: “let’s Go to the movies or to the Park!” At the same time, never used the fact that he’s from a famous family, do not advertise this.

      One of the few, than Phil was different from all the others: don’t eat at the school cafeteria, parents forbade him. He loved to go there – the tat fatty, the burgers took. Ate and suffered, he had stomach trouble. Mom cared – had made him a Packed lunch: sandwiches, cereal, salads. Always shared that what is not loved, gave me.

      Одноклассник Филиппа Киркорова рассказал о первой любви поп-короля

      And, on a more Kirkorov often appear all sorts of fashionable things and toys from abroad. For example, sham boots-“moon Rovers” or “Rubik’s Cube”. Philip and friends made gifts. His uncle worked in Bulgaria as a store Manager – analogue of the Soviet “Birches,” and he brought me toys and branded bags “Marlborough”, “Kent”, which is simply not there.

      After high school in 1984, our paths diverged: Phil entered the Gnesin music school, I went into the army. I remember first saw it on the telly just in time for the service. Sit with the guys, boots cleaned, edge eyes look “Wider circle” – and suddenly 18-year-old Philip performs with the song “Alyosha” in a white suit, with curly hair – in short, the Bulgarian. I was in shock! He’s still in school he began to sing, to try the forces in competitions. Co-workers say, “This is my friend, at the same Desk sitting.” So they immediately began to respect me. After leaving the army, he entered the geological faculty, my parents moved to another house, were crazy 90’s… it took almost 10 years before we met again.

      Одноклассник Филиппа Киркорова рассказал о первой любви поп-короля

      I was embarrassed to call himself Kirkorov – you will think that with a celebrity want to communicate. But then our friend Sasha Nikolaev accidentally met him on the plane he was flying on tour, was already a Megastar… and happened to mention in conversation that to me. Phil took his number and called! I was very happy.

      Don’t forget Kirkorov and other childhood friends. We had buddy Sasha Villages, died, unfortunately, a year ago. Somehow he came to the Filet, asked for money he loaned. I then he was convicted – it was clear that Sasha will not give up, and not that he and comrade. Recently there was another classmate, the sixth, the Dima Mazery. Relatives didn’t know how to tell friends at school, we did not recorded in your phone in a special way.

      Одноклассник Филиппа Киркорова рассказал о первой любви поп-короля

      Someone had thought to call “Kirkorov production” – he passed, and already calls me Philip: “Dima died. I can’t come, but you guys let me know. Must be carried out”. When was the funeral, he sent a wreath. Could because I’m too busy to forget, even not to tell me. But no. He is continually in Affairs, cares, so I try not to call – texting in WhatsApp – funny pictures helmet each other, video.

      He consistently calls on all the events, introduced to colleagues. Especially since I’m by profession an art dealer, painting: advise on issues of Antiques. Had given the Filet a century painting “Flowers” by Boris Krylov. Hanging at his home in a conspicuous place”.

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