Classic picture of Anna Semenovich blew Network

Раритетный снимок Анны Семенович взорвал Сеть
Loyal fans of the singer Anna Semenovich know that before the music career she was engaged in figure skating.

Раритетный снимок Анны Семенович взорвал Сеть

But after a serious injury, Anna was forced to withdraw from the sport. Recently a close friend of the mayor, skater Anastasia Grebenkina, published a photo in which the girls are still very young.

Раритетный снимок Анны Семенович взорвал Сеть

“Typical landscape of 20 years ago, and our 199… the New Year with my closest (old or ancient, does not turn the language to say) and most beloved friend @ann_semenovich. Wanted to make this post on the Old New year, but do now!!! You always make me happy birth the first! I love you! Well, tights under trousers is EVERYTHING. Love you,” wrote Grebenkina under the.

Women have been friends for years, and even now varying professional interests are unable to break their friendship.

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