Клара Новикова призналась в алкоголизме According to umoristi, a bad habit she was introduced by a close friend Leonid Kanevsky. After the show they always drink together to relax and relieve stress. This ritual repeated for decades.
Клара Новикова призналась в алкоголизме

Klara Novikova, Leonid Kanevsky and friends for several decades. The actors met in the Israeli theater, and since then, they have an interesting tradition after the speeches, they always celebrate a successful performance.

“Leon I will not ship, easy to communicate with. After the performance there had to be a drink. For example, he got me hooked on viskarik. Especially funny how Kanevsky offers to do this after a hard day. Pulls out a small bottle, and we drink one drop, sometimes two, sometimes three of us…,” admitted Novikov.

Leonid Semenovich confirmed the words of a friend. Despite the fact that the actor is regularly involved in sports, alcohol does not see any harm to health. Even Kanevsky wife is not jealous of actor to Novikova and the famous allows her husband to drink in the company of umoristi.

Novikova said in an interview that sometimes her performances are extremely difficult. But the Joker played even in difficult periods of life. In 2009, the husband star Yuri L. Zerchaninov died in the hospital, and the famous wife at the time was on the road. Clara B. and in this day reproaches himself for having left the wife without support.

“To me the doctors then said, “You can’t do anything”. But Yura came daughter Mary, sister, cousin, and I went on tour. After one concert back in the room, at this time, the phone rang: “Bother from the Botkin hospital, please accept our condolences.” I dropped the phone crashed. I arrived the next day, we certainly have remembered it. It was so light, we thought of his ridiculous, absurd. Yura was alive, very alive person,” shared Clara Borisovna.

At the next concert, fans Novikova, of course, already knew about the incident grief. When the actress went up on stage, the audience stood up and greeted the star with a minute of silence and then prolonged applause. The Joker has admitted that it is ready to share with the public all along. “Have a profession. And you repeatedly go out to the viewer. For me the great happiness to give everything from the scene that happens with me as well. The reasons are sad, but sometimes joyous. Once was on tour in Israel, and during the intermission calling daughter: “Mom, you just don’t worry, don’t faint, we with Boris signed,” recalled Clara Borisovna.