Clara Kuzenbaeva: “As a family man, Stas Peha no”

Клара Кузденбаева: «Как семьянин Стас Пьеха никакой» Numerologist forecast for the future of the singer. According to the expert, the musician should be more careful about their health and also think about finding the girl who shared with him energy.

Stas Pieha today 37. The singer is actively touring, performing at corporate events. Stas lives alone, he has a teenage son Peter. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied birth date Piekha and told what to expect of a celebrity in the future.

“He was born in “the Day of long odds,” says Clara. – He has tremendous magnetism and high line implementation. His life code – 3032810 is the same as Kolya Baskov. 303 – a sign of creativity and fame, suggests that Stas – person self-sufficient, a very talented singer with a hypnotic voice that mesmerizing effect on people. He also has exceptional analytical abilities, he doesn’t every man wonder”.

As it turned out, the artist – winner of the special code which speaks to his potential and incredible opportunities. “He is the bearer of the sign of three eights – as a rule, such people are born in wealthy families and the singer was no exception – explained Kuzenbaeva. But even if Stas was born absolutely ordinary parents, he still would have achieved fame. Three eights have supermodel Natalia Vodianova born in Nizhni Novgorod, grew up in an ordinary family and became a world celebrity”.

Despite great creativity and a very attractive quality, piece very difficult to interact with other people. According to numerology, the artist is not the easiest in life, and therefore his close friends and fiancee have to put up with many things.

“The problem of Stas is that he has a bad temper, concluded Clara. – Lacking in energy, depressed and tired quickly. During the day several times changing mood and others not so easy to put up. Besides, he likes to complain, although in itself a lucky guy and everything is easy for him – not to say that in order to achieve the objectives of EHA is working up a sweat…

Sometimes his behavior is manifested despotism and rigidity. Then next to it is better not to be, the star can offend by saying something unpleasant. Stas lazy, hates physical labor. Illuminating, he quickly loses interest in what recently caused him delight.”

The graduate “Factories of stars” has repeatedly said that he does not feel ready to start a family and settle down. All power actor gives stage work and not even think about changes on the personal front.

“As a family man Peha no. He has not expressed the line of the family. Plus he’s a private man, it would be hard to admit to someone, to share with another person home, says numerologist. – His ideal girl has energy, she would have become his donor and helped get rid of depression. Your love singer will meet in 39 years, this year he was going to have a baby.”

According to the expert, Stas do not forget about the rest and should be regularly checked by a doctor. “He needs to pay attention to health – he has a weak kidney, and thyroid,” says Kuzenbaeva.

As for the immediate future of the musician, according to numerology forecast, next year will be for Stas a period of decline. “He needs to be careful with the people which depend on the organization of his concerts, they can fool the singer. But 2018 it is the year tens, a period of glory and success, he may release a new album, which will be successful”, says Clara.