Clairvoyant Ilona Novoselova has committed suicide

Ясновидящая Илона Новоселова покончила жизнь самоубийством
Recently, the Network spread information about what the participant of the TV project “Battle of psychics” Ilona Novoselova died by jumping from the window.

Ясновидящая Илона Новоселова покончила жизнь самоубийством

According to Ilona had recently quarreled with his other half and called my mom. The mother immediately rushed to her daughter, and then she stood up on the windowsill on the fifth floor and beginning to talk about death.

“Just because people from the sixth floor does not fall out. Of course, it was bright, unusual, memorable party of the seventh season of “Battle of psychics.” It was rumored, for example, that she allegedly had a sex change. Sometimes I’ve seen it in reports of scandalous news. I psychics do not intersect after the project, even after the shooting, not talking. However, I could see she was quite a closed person. I don’t dare to make any conclusions, but after participating in the “Battle of psychics” it fell off the popularity, maybe she lost it, it is not so simple to make…

As I can see, Ilona was pretty unstable person, you never know what could happen – maybe alcohol was involved, or any illegal substances. On any get-togethers, I have not seen her, only possible to draw conclusions about the events in her life from social networks”, – said the famous illusionist Sergey Safronov.

Relatives of the girls say that she felt something bad, so recently I begged my mom to forgive her for all the wrongs.

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