Civil husband Oleg Yakovlev: “the Artist is already working on the design of the monument”

Гражданская супруга Олега Яковлева: «Художник уже работает над дизайном памятника» Today the artist would have turned 48 years old. Oleg Yakovlev did not 29 June. He heart stopped. “StarHit” talked with the wife of singer Alexandra Kutsevol about how it will look in the monument, which will be installed at his grave.
Гражданская супруга Олега Яковлева: «Художник уже работает над дизайном памятника»

Today, November 18, ex-soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev would have turned 48 years old. The life of the singer ended June 29. The contractor died in a Minsk hospital. He heart stopped. Close to the singer has left the civil wife, the journalist and his producer Alexander Kutsevol. In an interview with “StarHit” Sasha spoke about the future monument to the artist and assistance from his friends.

Fiancee Yakovlev never thought that she would have to celebrate the birthday of the beloved on his grave. According to the girl, Oleg will forever remain in her heart. On Saturday Kutsevol went to the cemetery to honor the memory of the man she loved. Sorry, former colleagues Yakovlev, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov Kirill Andreev will not be able to attend due to touring, but they will go to Church and put a candle.

“For me birthday is still a holiday. So I bought peonies, which are loved Oleg, and ordered a cake with his favorite toppings. I believe that to be sad and to cry on this day wrong. One of the fans living in another city, sent the money and asked to buy a bouquet. I complied with her request. The beloved will be pleased”, – said the girl with “StarHit”.

Oleg did not like to celebrate birthdays. As Sasha told, there were even times when he deliberately turned off the phone that was annoying and hurt friends. According to Kutsevol in 2013, when it came to her parents, it was a great feast. “Spontaneously pulled up the Redhead and Igor Matvienko. In 2014 did a big party on the occasion of the 45th anniversary, combined with her concert. Oleg was incredibly happy. Gifts and flowers barely shoved in the car”, – says Alexander.

It is known that Oleg has never looked his age, so nobody believed that the artist for 47 years. Civil spouse Yakovlev emphasizes that he was the children’s enthusiasm.

Гражданская супруга Олега Яковлева: «Художник уже работает над дизайном памятника»“Many were surprised when they learned the true age of Oleg. And when he whined on the subject, I asked him to look in the mirror and calm down. Called him a magician. He had no secrets of youth. Cosmetology and new-fangled procedures are not fond of. It’s not genetics, and the soul,” – said Kutsevol.

Recently Alexander has calculated that the Network was operating a group of crooks who wanted to earn the fans Yakovlev. They collected funds for the installation of the monument. Kutsevol calls only refer to it on such issues. She is always ready to respond in a social network. The girl claims that now actively work over the coming months to establish a monument.

Scammers try to cash in on fans of Oleg Yakovlev

“Oleg always said, “Let’s just no “Bang”. That is, not pretentious, not showy. He disliked pomposity. Friends and fans volunteered to help with the monument. Don’t know if we are going to open some sort of collection or do their own. At the moment, the artist works on the design layout of the monument. After its approval we will start to look for the sculpture and to choose the material,” said Alexander.

According to Kutsevol, many of the surrounding Yakovleva try not to talk to her about the late elect, because they are afraid that it will be hard. However, common-law wife of the artist is open to communication.

Oleg often comes to Sasha in dreams. She still lives in the apartment of the singer, where everything reminds me of him. The wife of Oleg Yakovlev: “I Think if he goes, I first day you die”

“Beginning to happen to me all that when something like Oleg. Sounds weird, but it’s true. Favorite dreamed that I was back “on the telly”. In August, colleagues offered to take pictures of the Russian festival in Sochi for the channel MUZ-TV, where he worked for many years. At first surprised and even refused. Did not plan to return to this page in my life. In the end, persuaded, and I went. And recently flew to Cyprus to do a video on network marketing. Oleg used to say, “Take courses videooperatorov, and then I’ll buy you a good camera.” Don’t even know that I made… I smile when everything goes as he wanted,” explained Kutsevol in an interview with “StarHit”.