Гражданского мужа внучки Брежнева обвинили во лжи из-за наследства Dmitry Barmin was assured that was next to Victoria Philippi for over 30 years. However, when we are talking about the proceeds of the sale of apartments in the center of Moscow, he changed his mind. The man stated that at that time was just a friend of the granddaughter of General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee.
Гражданского мужа внучки Брежнева обвинили во лжи из-за наследства

In early January it became known that the beloved granddaughter of Leonid Brezhnev, Victoria Filippova died from cancer. The woman has 44-year-old daughter Galina, who for several years was in a psychiatric hospital. Now, after her mom died, she didn’t know if a relative of inheritance. Granddaughter of Leonid Brezhnev died of cancer

As it turned out, for over 30 years Victoria bound romance does Barmini. The man was much younger than his ladylove. He fell in love with her when he was 18 and she was 36 years old.

“This woman had a lot to draw. A woman in the whole world. She was alone. Beautiful woman, beautiful man, such a set of qualities! I still wonder this question: how do first two husbands lost that jewel? For me, it’s amazing. Why this diamond is lying unattended?” – shared memories about the first impression of Dimitri.
Гражданского мужа внучки Брежнева обвинили во лжи из-за наследства

Despite their passion, they did not make the relationship. The man justifies it by the fact that for 30 years, life threw them surprises and challenges. It was not in their family and children. The man did not answer the question of why for so many years they didn’t think about the baby.

In early January, Victoria Philippi did not, and her body was decided to be cremated. However, the dust of women is still not buried – Dmitry is trying to get permission from a cousin’s granddaughter Brezhnev.

“Not possible, the grave belongs to Andrey Yuryevich, he does not consent,” the justified man.
Гражданского мужа внучки Брежнева обвинили во лжи из-за наследства

According to Dmitry, his girlfriend did not want to communicate with their relatives. Andrey Brezhnev did not understand, what means sister lives. He was upset that she was not treated with due respect to the memory of his grandfather. As it turned out, Dmitry contain Victoria – he worked on Economics, settled in his country house, and when it became known about its illness, moved into the apartment.

The only daughter Galina did not understand, did her mother’s Testament, as he knew about his illness, and whether her property. Dmitry said I don’t know whether the lover left any paper.

Гражданского мужа внучки Брежнева обвинили во лжи из-за наследства“Dim, if you have any documents relating to me, maybe a diploma, medical records, photos that you don’t the road where there is me, mom, someone else… If you can, you would that paper gave for this did not need a lawyer. As for graves, well, if we came to a peaceful agreement, I think I want to give my aunt and uncle. With Brezhnevite to agree will be very difficult, judging by the response Andrew, will be scandalous and problematic,” said Galina.
Гражданского мужа внучки Брежнева обвинили во лжи из-за наследства

Lawyer Victoria Krylov said that, in their investigation, Victoria Filippova was flat in the center of Moscow, which now stand fabulous money. They found that from 1998 to 2000 she sold the property. Lawyers interested in what happened to the proceeds. Although barmine claimed that’s been around for over 30 years, he suddenly declared on friendly terms with Victoria in that period. Experts in the Studio were surprised such a violent denial of their own man.

“It was an open card, like all pensioners, there was nothing, she withdrew the money when he came. The pin code? Yes, I know, but what does a power of attorney?” – justified man.