Cindy Crawford spoke about how aging beautifully

Синди Кроуфорд рассказала о том, как стареть красиво

50-year-old Cindy Crawford for thirty years, is one of the most attractive and talented models in the world. Her dub, admire her, adore her fans. In the new issue of NewBeauty magazine, the model talked about how she came to terms with the fact that getting older and how to react to comments on social networks.

Crawford admitted that reside under the scrutiny of others is not easy, however, it is a great incentive to work. “Don’t bother me comments in Instagram that don’t look like in 20 years. I already know about it! Sometimes to be under public scrutiny is hard, but you need to work on yourself. No matter what I did, like 20 or 30 is not going to look like. It is important to look great in their 50s! I do sports, eat right and take care of the skin. Women exert pressure and demand from them the impossible, it is beyond the power of it because of age. It is important to look great, no matter how many years you was not” — says the supermodel.

Of course, that Cindy looks great in her age, she should thank nature and genes, but the model also relies on concentrated Syrovatka, that uses before applying makeup.

Crawford says that the ability to use cosmetics come to her over the years. At the dawn of her modeling career to paint she could not because she had to pry those, as do other models: “I Remember myself at the beginning of the modeling career when I had to do my own hair and makeup. I never gave it much importance, and could not do. And now I had to buy everything you need for make-up. The shooting was found with Iman and Diane DeWitt. To cope, I looked in the mirror and imitate their every action. Looked at this moment 12-year-old child.”