Синди Кроуфорд поделилась с подписчиками секретами своей красоты

Синди Кроуфорд поделилась с подписчиками секретами своей красоты

Last year a famous American model Cindy Crawford was 53 years old, but the woman looks so like yesterday she was 20 years old. Of course, looking at her mom I can safely say that Cindy was very lucky genetically, but it’s not just that.

The star, who conquered the world in the 90-ies cannot imagine their life without sport, she leads an active life every second. Three times a week she visits the gym, while engaged with dumbbells impressive weight. While at home, a celebrity never forget about various exercises that are simple, but very effective: squats, push-UPS, leg swings. Even when Cindy goes to a well-deserved vacation, the sport is still present in her life. Watch as celebrity watching can on its official page in Instagram.

At the moment Crawford went to enjoy the serenity in Malibu. Every day she post photos with Sunny beaches where she is posing in summer clothes and swimsuits, it be friends. Among these solar posts, you can always find a video which show how the model leads a healthy lifestyle.

In the morning, for example, she showed fans how her charge. In the video Cindy wins a Malibu beach, its a long hike reveals the beauty of the legs. On celebrity-fitting grey leggings, comfortable shoes, a maroon hoodie, and of course, music through your headphones. All this is accompanied by the beautiful scenery of the area. And I want to join the model.

After these videos it is clear how Crawford still manages to pose for a candid photo shoots. By the way, she recently starred in a Christmas photo shoot for American glamour. One photo Cindy added myself to the page, intrigued fans. In the photo she is in a luxurious white dress is in the tank, subscribers were able to see her gorgeous legs and a magnificent bust. Very soon we will be able to see the entire photo shoot in a professional capacity.

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