Синди Кроуфорд раскрыла секрет своего счастливого брака
The model and her husband Randy celebrated the 20th anniversary from the day of the wedding.

Синди Кроуфорд раскрыла секрет своего счастливого брака

Cindy Crawford and Gerber Ready on the wedding day

Photo: @cindycrawford/Instagram

In honor of “porcelain “wedding that 52-year-old
Cindy Crawford and her husband, Redi Gerber celebrated yesterday, the model shared
rare archival photos. It depicts the moment of their unusual wedding,
held 20 years ago.

The photographer gets barefoot Cindy in her wedding attire should be neat, lightweight and ultra-short silk dress in underwear style and her
husband Randy, also dressed not solemnly in the pants, the shirt on the issue, and
also barefoot. The fact that the bride and groom appeared at her wedding without shoes,
it is logical, because the ceremony took place on the sandy beach. “Instead
a conventional wedding, which my father escorted me to the altar, we
Randy chose a different option. We just went down the stairs to the beach where all
and took place…” said Cindy.

Since then, she’s perfectly happy with Gerber, who gave birth to and raised two beautiful children — Kaye is now 16-years old, and Preston — 18. “I just couldn’t choose a better man than Randy to be with him the rest of my life. I just adore you!” — so Crawford congratulated her husband. And she, of course, answered: “20 years, two kids, and you’re still beautiful! Thank you for everything!!!”

Cindy Crawford and Gerber Redi with children

Photo: @cindycrawford/Instagram

When Cindy asked what was the secret of her unusually long for Hollywood and happy marriage, the model gave an unexpected answer. “We agreed on tequila! We both love it. And the fact that Randy began to produce the beverage, which became the crowning achievement of his career!” — with a smile said Crawford whose husband together with his friend George Clooney founded the tequila producing company “Casamugos” where friends earned a billion dollars.