Cindy Crawford has decided to get rich by reselling real estate

Синди Кроуфорд решила обогатиться на перепродаже недвижимости
The actress asked for your home with astounding amount.

Cindy Crawford


revile detractors Cindy Crawford, a supermodel, apparently
experiencing serious financial problems since it began in mass
scale to sell your property. Recently, Crawford got rid of
luxury villas in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), owned by her and her husband Randy
Gerber, gain for her the enormous sum of $ 100 million. Now
she was put up for sale a house located near a beach
Malibu, asking for it, too, is not enough — 60 million. This was announced
the online edition of Daily Mail.

However, according
compared to the first deal, Cindy and her husband earn on the sale of the mansion in
Malibu not so much. After all, this house Crawford
and her husband purchased just over a year ago for $ 50 million. As for
future owner of “beach house”, laying out the requested amount, it will become the happy owner of a two-storey building,
built in 1944, has four bedrooms, two huge baths, walk-in closets, fireplaces,
extensive garage. And in addition he will also immaculately kept Park surrounding the mansion, which is
first class tennis court.

selling real estate is not the only source of income for the family of Cindy.
For Cindy, those days when she earned millions on the catwalk
in the past. But her children strikingly similar to the mother of a 15-year-old Kaia
and 17-year-old son Presley has followed in her footsteps, and has already received lucrative contracts. And
spouse Cindy — millionaire Randy Gerber,
who in his youth and he had worked in the modeling industry, a lot lately
time devotes to his successful business
tequila brand Casamigos Tequila, with the help of the company,
which he founded together with his best friend George Clooney.