Синди Кроуфорд оголилась на новом фото в Инстаграм

Синди Кроуфорд оголилась на новом фото в Инстаграм2 Oct Cindy Crawford shared on Instagram two intriguing photos, which she looked amazing, wearing only a white towel during a session in the sauna.

53-year-old Cindy Crawford proved that she’s still incredibly healthy and gorgeous when she shared photos of her almost naked! The supermodel was sitting and posing only in a white towel, she was sitting in the sauna and looked relaxed. The brunette beauty was without makeup, hair was collected beam. One of the photos where she smiles directly into the lens, she signed: “I love the sauna in the morning. It gives me strength for the day”.

Синди Кроуфорд оголилась на новом фото в Инстаграм
After she posted an incredible photo, her fans showered her with lots of compliments. “What a natural beauty,” wrote one. “Looks so beautiful,” said another. “Yeah, Cindy! My favorite supermodel of all time,” read a third comment.
Other followers left plain cute emoticons and hearts. Earlier Cindy also publishes their candid photos in a bikini. That picture of Crawford is dressed in a dark red swimsuit, hat and sunglasses. The photo was taken in front of a beautiful lake during the holidays Cindy in Canada, and it showed her fans and detractors with her abs, long legs and slender figure that made her popular as a model in the 90-ies. “A little lake of beauty” — I read her caption and it was also marked by many positive reviews.

In addition to showcasing their photos, Cindy, as you know, showing off photos of their daughter Kaya Gerber, 18 years. The Duo mother-daughter can often be seen when they walk together, go to the gym or sunbathing on vacation. They always look like twins, their features are every year becoming more similar. Kaya, who is also a model, which really follows in the footsteps of his mother, and it’s a beautiful sight!

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