Cindy Crawford dressed as a saloon girl at Casamigos Western stars are getting active before Halloween.< p>
Cindy Crawford came to Casamigos dressed as a saloon girl Weekend on the Eve of the Day All Saints is full of costume parties, especially in places where “evil spirits” congregate, that is, in Los Angeles County, California.

Cindy Crawford dressed as a saloon girl at Casamigos

So Friday night was marked by Casamigos in Beverly Hills, where many celebrities gathered, including the family of Cindy Crawford.

Cindy Crawford dressed as a saloon girl at Casamigos

The 56-year-old supermodel appeared at the party with her husband Randy Gerber in original Western-inspired costumes.

Cindy Crawford wore a saloon girl to the Casamigos

60-year-old businessman looked real cowboy. Leather pants, boots, a fringed jacket, a hat and a neckerchief made the perfect image of a desperate guy from the Wild West. .jpg” alt=”Cindy Crawford showed up to the Casamigos party dressed as a saloon girl” />

To give the impression of someone who's spent a long, hard day rounding up cattle or shooting coyotes, Randy had to wear a little make-up and add a touch of unshaven hair .

Meanwhile, his wife, one of the legendary supermodels of the 1990s, put on a suit that fully emphasized not only Cindy's statuesque figure, but also her cleavage.

The ensemble of the girl from the saloon included walnut brown leather corset, white dress with flounces, leather boots and a huge necklace.
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