#Cigalas! Stephen received Russian citizenship

#СигалНаш! Стивен получил российское гражданство

The actor himself for a long time asked of our President.

“To take the citizenship of the Russian Federation Steven Frederic Seagal born April 10 1952 in the USA” – so reads the decree of Vladimir Putin, published on the Kremlin website on Thursday, November 3.

This news literally blew up the Internet space! Was wondering why is it that Segal decided to take our citizenship. Or is it a personal initiative of the President…

All points over i were placed by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“It was the desire of Stephen, he really persistently and for quite a long time have been asked to grant him citizenship, Peskov said. — Seagal is known for his warm feelings toward our country, which he never concealed”.

That Steven Seagal will soon become a citizen of the Russian Federation, it was rumoured back in September. Then during a visit to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Hollywood star let slip that he would love “a few months out of the year to spend with your friends in Russia, with people who love me here and wait.”

Now the actor has such an opportunity. And not even a couple of months, Stephen can spend in our country and even the whole year entirely.

Moreover, the number of days spent in Russia will affect the pension of Stephen, which he is entitled to receive from next year. If Seagal will no longer live in the US and not in Russia, the social pension will not let him.

“Look, if he had contributions, and whether he has seven years of experience in Russia in order to appoint insurance old-age pension, — said the representative of the Pension Fund of Russia, TASS. — In principle, he is entitled to a social old-age pension only upon reaching age 65, if he has a residence permit in the Russian Federation. This minimum salary is about 5 thousand rubles, plus the pension he will be made to Supplement the subsistence minimum of a pensioner in the region where it is registered”.