Сиара о воздержании от секса до свадьбы

33-year-old Ciara believes that to abstain from sex before marriage need to check out relationship with a beloved 30-year-old Russell Wilson. In InStyle magazine, the star talked about how hard it was to cope with the desire.

Сиара о воздержании от секса до свадьбы

“It took a lot of prayers. I won’t lie, it was difficult,” she confessed.

Willson also previously talked about the importance of abstinence before marriage, and what it means for both. “I told her (and she agreed with me): “Can we love each other without it?” If you’re unable to love someone without sex, then you really love this man,” says the beloved Ciara.

As he told the singer in 2017, it is very important to initially create friendships, not just love. In the beginning of a relationship Ciara had with Russell a serious conversation about their intimate life, in which the outcome has been decided. The star was so glad when I found out that the beloved shares her opinion. “It’s very cool that it happened!”

Сиара о воздержании от секса до свадьбы
Popular American singer даdfла candid interview with Cosmopolitan South Africa, in which he spoke about his choice to support beloved in abstaining from sexual relations before marriage.
Many fans of Ciara’s did not understand that gesture. They were unaware of why the singer, who at that time was already a mother, had to pretend to be a virgin. They could not understand and her fiancé Russell Wilson next to him, such a beautiful and sexy woman, and he …

Nevertheless, the actress does not regret his decision, and if I could turn back time, I would have done the same.
“I really believe that when you focus on friendship, not sex, you have the opportunity to lay a strong Foundation for family relationships. And once you realize that you are good friends, reliable support to each other that you are, as they say, is in the same boat, only then can you begin to appreciate and intimate relationships. Your shared values and interests set the tone not only your relationship, but marriage. Knowing that your friendship will always be with you no matter what happens, you become closer to each other than ever. I believe our relationship with Russell stunning. Many men perceive women, appreciating their appearance, but we are a whole person. Russell wanted to know my inner world, and I was surprised. I had never met,” said the lovelorn singer.

Ciara said that as happy as ever. She urges women not to give up. After breaking up with changed her fiance rapper future, the father of her first child, the singer was extremely depressed – who will be pleased to know that while you had the child, your man cheated on you? Now, the artist realizes that there is a silver lining – after breaking up with cheating Ciara met congenial man, your ideal spouse and father to their children.

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