Chumakov temporarily separated Kovalchuk with a newborn daughter

Чумаков временно разлучил Ковальчук с новорожденной дочерью The young mother left the house for the wife. Julia Kovalchuk for the first time after childbirth was published. Singer and TV presenter called for the speech of her husband Alexey Chumakov. The star admitted that she is already too eager to join the work.

In early October, singer and TV presenter Yulia Kovalchuk and her husband, musician Alexey Chumakov became parents for the first time. The light appeared to their long-awaited daughter.

Julia Kovalchuk turned to the newborn daughter

The new status did the star couple were incredibly happy, but in the meantime, Julia and Alex make it clear that for them it is not a reason to change the usual way of his life. So, on the eve of the musician gave a concert for fans, and a young mother for four hours and left a little daughter to visit an important event for the spouse. In the microblog Julia Kovalchuk admitted that the four hours spent in separation from the newborn heir, seemed incredibly long.

“It all came together – my first long departure from home (for me, four hours – it was very long) and just an incredible concert my husband. See the pieces in the stories, and enjoy awesome music. It is the space. Will soon join the job and will work with you to the music together,” wrote Julia Kovalchuk in the microblog.

It is worth noting that for the first after a long break out in the light, the young mother chose a feminine dress with floral print-length to mid-calf and velvet jacket the color of lingonberry jam. Kovalchuk happy to have admitted that he was happy to feel myself in this outfit as fragile and thin as it was before the pregnancy. “I don’t expect that back in shape,” said Julia Kovalchuk.

Fans of the stars compliment her way and advised not to rush to get back to work, offering to pleasure not from her, but from motherhood.

“Beautiful! The dress is super!”, “It’s so nice to see your sincerity and warmth to each other. Save it for years to come, good luck to you”, “don’t rush your work! Children this is important. Nurture better daughter, give her the most important thing – the love of a mother. Fill her attention. And leave her husband, it is music work” – discuss subscribers.

Fans are sure that Chumakov and Kovalchuk will be able to become really good, caring parents. However, the young mother is definitely not going to stay in the decree. Earlier Julia said that she has a lot of plans and goals for the achievement of which it will have a lot of work.

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