Chumakov afraid to attend the birth of Kovalchuk

Чумаков боится присутствовать на родах Ковальчук The singer is preparing for such an important step. Julia Kovalchuk has always believed that a man should not watch the emergence of the baby born, but recently changed my mind. Alexey Chumakov realizes that will be very nervous and try to control everything.
Чумаков боится присутствовать на родах Ковальчук

In July “StarHit” learned that the famous pair of musicians – Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov were expecting. The lovers got married in 2013 – for the past four years fans have been eagerly waiting, when the couple will have heirs. This fall the family of artists will be more. Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov expecting a baby

For a long time Julia believed that a man should not be with a woman to give birth. Now, however, she changed her mind. Now the singer insists that the beloved one has supported it a difficult minute.

“You know, you can’t be at home because I am nervous, I need to be in control. And there I will experience nothing less… Solved. Yet I’m afraid,” admitted Chumakov.

The couple decided that their firstborn will appear in one of the Russian perinatal centers. Despite the fact that Julia spends a lot of time in Spain, it is not going to give birth abroad. “Other options were not even considered. Don’t know how in these important points to communicate in another language, not to feel and not to see their loved ones,” Kovalchuk admitted.

Like many star parents, Julia is not going to sit in a maternity leave. She plans to go on stage in November-December. The artist realizes, after the birth of the baby her life will change. However, Kovalchuk believes that it is not necessary for the child to give up his career. Chumakov can decide what to do with your time: when it is hard to work and when to take a break.

Julia also explained why for a long time concealed the imminent addition to the family, and refused to answer journalists ‘ questions. She admitted that pregnancy was so long awaited and a conscious event, that they tried as much as possible not to talk about it to others. Kovalchuk admitted edition of “OK!” now all her thoughts are only for the future baby.

“I have every day dream I give birth. Thought that was crazy, but the doctors with a smile confirmed my mental stability and said that this is a very good sign. Pragmatic to the end remain impossible, and in dreams and in life my thoughts are mostly occupied only preparation for this incredibly happy event,” said the singer.