Chumachechaya spring: Buzova, Temnikova and Reshetova decided on a bold change

Чумачечая весна: Бузова, Темникова и Решетова решились на смелые перемены Celebrities are experimenting with the hair. Apparently, the stellar beauties I wanted a change. Their fans were left in awe of what he saw of hairstyles and unusual images.

      Despite the unstable April weather, many still managed to feel spring. Perhaps that is why some celebrities went to the salons to be transformed. Results stylish stuff shared on Instagram .The followers were very happy with these changes.

      Taste and color: star, a transformation which no one appreciated

      For many it was a surprise that the experiment had the courage and the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova. The girl suddenly decided to diversify his image. The star has dyed a few strands of hair in rich red color and immediately shared the news with followers of the microblog.

      “Tired of winter and cold. I want bright colors and drive, I want to vandalize, than we do today and started with my Mom. Thank you for always catch my mood and willing to experiment. You have a Golden handle. Refresh your haircut, increased the asymmetry and added bright colors as you? I NRA,” said the media personality. Fans of Olga has supported and expressed his admiration for the stylish pricely.

      Elena Temnikova is also not left without attention to current trends and added a new hue to hair. On the eve of the singer posted the photo, which you can easily notice the vivid detail in the form of pink strands of hair. Very beautiful changes did not comment, especially if it’s the case of fantm: “You’re beautiful!” “Auuuu, that’s cool! Well done, Helen”, “Well, you as always! Know how to surprise!”, – shared celebrity fans of his emotions.

      Another celebrity pleased subscribers with the transformation. Wife of Stas Kostyushkin Julia ventured to the extremely short length of hair and cut my hair even shorter. In addition, she changed her hair color to silver blonde. The woman told followers that suddenly want to treat yourself with new styling. Fans of the young mother was left in awe of the creative solutions of a stylist to the stars: “my God, how cool”, “Awesome hair for an awesome mom. The most to cut something”, “your hairdresser with Golden hands and as always you are very beautiful”, – wrote comments Network users.

      I wonder what other celebrities wanted a change. However, to change for a long time they did not dare. Instead of radical changes some stars temporarily try on new images.

      Actress Anna chipovskaya tried her as a blonde and tried on a short blond wig. The actress posted a selfie in “Instagram”, but she had signed: “It’s a wig”. However, even this remark could not stop the admiration of followers: “how Cool!”, “Magnificent in every way!”, “Class!”, “It’s great” – glad they.

      My natural hair showed subscribers Liberi Kadono. Ex-member of the famous electroni shared a photo in the microblog, which appeared in unusual for the fans: instead of straight hair or large curls on her head a MOP of thick small curls. “Well, I kind,” – have signed a publishing brunette.

      Truly shocked the audience, Anastasia Reshetova, who recently put in his account frame in the image of the blonde. Subscribers model, still can’t come to one answer to the question: is this a wig or coloring? Netizens gave heated debate in the comments. However, if you remember the publication Nastya from California, where the brunette and it appears with a blonde-wig, no doubt – a girl and now overhead curls.