Chulpan Khamatova spoke about the betrayal of loved ones

Чулпан Хаматова заговорила о предательстве близких Some time ago in St. Petersburg hosted an evening with the stars of theatre and cinema. Chulpan Khamatova read poems favorite poets, and he shared his revelations on various topics. The actress spoke about family, charity and work in the movie.

42-year-old Chulpan Khamatova has updated the program. Recently the actress spoke in St. Petersburg. She decided to talk with the fans and talked about work in film and theater, the road to success and their daily lives. It is known that Chulpan rarely gives interviews, so viewers were glad of a rare opportunity to hear her revelation.

20 years ago Khamatova preferred to perform recitals in different ways. According to the actress, it was a challenge to myself.

“I’m furious rage pereimenovali and dressed to act in the role of grandmother, the role of a teenager, in the image of the lyrical heroine… Trying to prove to everyone and herself that the actress Chulpan can do everything!”shared the celebrity.

The actress admitted that in today’s world, oversaturated with information, it is difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood. “I want the most transparent, simple conversation, very honest and Frank…” – she summed up.

Many fans Khamatova know that it is a very important charity. The actress is the founder of the Fund “give life”. The star admitted that not all friends have shared her sincere desire to help others. Chulpan was so inspired by this activity that often shared its details with friends.

“The biggest surprise for me was that the people I thought were my friends, at some point become tired of the conversations that I had, from talking about healthy children, that we were able to find the money for such a machine… They gradually went away, and at some point I realized that they’re not around, – says celebrity. Some have been radical and told me: “Look, got. Be enough. You can’t guarantee that all children will recover, it’s impossible to withstand, stop, get out with all these my problems!»

In difficult times Chulpan helped appeal to their favorite books. “When the next people left, I took an invisible needle, wore her invisible thread and sewed myself a beautiful poem by Bella Akhmadulina “On my street that year…”, which was written at the betrayal of her friends in relation to Boris Pasternak,” added the actress.

At the recital there were other poems that are like Khamatova. Star loves the work of Marina Tsvetaeva and Bella Akhmadulina. Pride of place on the bookshelf of the actress is and Boris Pasternak. Khamatova read the poem “hamlet”, which she dedicated to her friend Kirill Serebrennikov, reports Tricolor TV Magazine.