Чулпан Хаматова замешана в деле о хищении миллиона рублей Rumors about the divorce of the famous actress appeared in October 2017. The star herself has not commented on her personal life, but fans said that Chulpan Khamatova is still annulled the marriage with Alexander Shane. Now rumor has it that the actress is involved in a criminal case brought against ex-husband.
Чулпан Хаматова замешана в деле о хищении миллиона рублей

At the end of 2017 became aware of the difficulties in the family, Chulpan Khamatova and Alexander Shein. The couple have not appeared in public together, so gradually the media began to write about their divorce. It is not known when they decided to divorce.

At the moment Moscow police finds out is nevertheless a serious matter, which may be involved, and Alexander, and Chulpan. Against the creators of the film “Makowski”, which did not return the subsidy to the cinema Fund, a criminal case. The guarantor in this story made it Shane. Because Khamatova also starred in the film, many consider it to be involved in the fraudulent scheme. She played the part of Lilya Brik.

“When Alexander Shane stole 1 million rubles from the Russian cinema Fund, his wife Chulpan Khamatova went to Latvia Amatciems. Bought a house will provide the family a residence permit and non-issuance of Russia”, — this information was spread by one of the Telegram channels.

After such purchase, the actress will be able to travel in the Union without a Schengen visa.

We will remind, yourself Shane called an excited against him a mistake. In the opinion of the engineer Ivan Godunov, who worked with Alexander, it is likely someone just wanted to frame his colleague. He suspects in this act of co-producer of the picture “Makowski” Gia Lortkipanidze.

“People are willing to testify and give their. This time will not get out. It will be necessary — and the head would turn!” — said Boris Godunov.

However, watching Shane, many have noticed that after receiving the budget for a particular project, he often acquired a new luxury car or something else, and the remaining money has already filmed the movie.

According to “Express Gazeta” with reference to one of the Telegram channels, Alexander is not involved in the upbringing and maintenance of children. We will remind, Chulpan grow three daughters: 15-year-old Ariana, 14-year-old Asya, born from Ivan Volkov, and seven-year UW Shane. Rumor has it that a case of fraud could be instituted almost from the filing of the actress, who, using his connections, has aroused the interest of the Fund is not a movie to waste a million rubles.