Chuev fighting off attacks by enemies because of the words of Buzova

Чуев отбивается от нападок недоброжелателей из-за слов о Бузовой A former member of the TV show spoke out sharply against those Network users, who condemned him for his opinion about Olga Buzova. The fans didn’t like what position I tried to defend the man during the broadcast of one of the programs. Chuev has recorded a video message during which he decided to clarify the situation.

      Recently Andrey Chuev has become a participant of the program “live” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. In the next release of the program guests of the Studio discussed the true causes of divorce leading Olga Buzova. As one of the experts the producers invited Chueva. He expressed the opinion that the separation is an aspiring singer with a footballer Dmitry Tarasov was quite predictable and logical. It is clear why athletic celebrated their birthday in the company of a new lady Anastasia Kostenko in the restaurant, which used he and his wife loved to spend time.

      The girlfriend Anastasia Kostenko revealed the truth about her past

      Chuev sure that his action Tarasov wanted to show Buzova, it’s over between them and about any restoration of relations could be considered. Andrew believes that the presenter tries to play on the feelings of their own fans, sharing with them some details of his personal life. Former member of “House-2” told that Dmitry still disappointed in the beloved. With the opinions of men are not agreed by many Network users.

      “He wanted to show that finally put an end. Tarasov said a thousand times Buzova between set point. He introduced Anastasia Kostenko, because she lost time. He wanted the child and family. Tarasov needs a real woman. Inviting Kostenko with his mother, he wanted to show that he is family important in life,” said Chuev.

      A sharp statement Andrew became a subject of discussion in the Network. Fans of the TV presenter is unfortunate that a man with such aggression made against Buzova. They started to leave the page Chueva a lot of comments condemning the man for criticism. Users believe that the ex-participant of “House-2” there’s a good reason that prompted him to make such serious allegations. After all, in the broadcast transmission Chuev tried to justify Tarasova, despite the fact that the other accused player of cheating.

      In his address to the subscribers Andrew said that he had every right to Express their opinion in any pleasing way for him. He noted that in the broadcast of “House-2” Olga Buzova has repeatedly mentioned the ex-chosen unflattering context, which could not affect the reputation of men. Moreover, Chuyev supported the words of Alexandra Hosius, who also became a party to the transfer. She said that it fully shared the opinion of Andrew and believes that the presenter is trying to promote himself after a divorce.

      “It is not clear you both wanted Olga to hurt or help someone?”, “You have a strange position. Stupid any thoughts, where are the facts?”, “To each to decide for himself how to live. Really do not find,” wrote commentators in the pages of Goias and Chueva.